May 14, 2012

My Mother's Day Weekend!

Good Monday morning Friends!
I'm up and 'at 'em' this morning! I've cleaned carpets and have 3 loads of laundry already finished and half folded! A 'Tornado' blew through my house over the weekend and I've given up on those ever-so-elusive cleaning Fairies! 
I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day weekend. Here's mine in a nutshell!
We, the twins and I, spent the morning organizing toys and getting rid of unwanted items.
I was able to go out on Friday and pick up some Closet Maid Storage tools from Target.
I picked up 2 of these in the Oak color and the little canvas bins that go with them. I let the kids pick out there colors which were no surprise: pink for Anna Belle and green for Tate.Organizing and cleaning took up most of our day and I spent the remaining afternoon hours letting them swim and then catching the last 2 episodes of "Lost" on NetFlix. WOW. How appropriately named was that TV show? I did receive a SWEET surprise from our eldest: TJ.
He sent me this!
I was so excited to receive it that I forgot to take a photo of my own. This is from the 'Edible Arrangements' website. We're lucky enough to have one near us! The other '2' phoned me with 'I Love You's' on Sunday. I also received a call from my beloved early Sunday morning.......sigh.......just made me miss him more.
I received a sweet Giveaway win from Cyndy over at Crafty Stitchers that I wanted to share with you. 
I sat her beside my 'Candy Cane Annie' from Sandy at The Olde Country Cupboard. 
She seems to be content and happy! Thank you AGAIN, Cyndy!!
Our wonderful Gals over at the OFG Team have put together another celebration for us! 
We'll be launching it this week so look for another announcement from me and our great Artisan team members!!!
As always......
Stay Tuned!


Barb said...

Hi Vicky,
Sounds like a great weekend-minus the missing hubby!
Love your sweet raggedys and those strawberries---YUMMMMMY!
You are already too many steps ahead of me today so I will schedual a nap for me today!
Enjoy your day,

TheCrankyCrow said...

Can you send some of whatever you're drinking? I seem to have lost all my mojo and my energy I is MIA too. I see I've missed out on bunches over here - yikes - even an awesome giveaway or two! Belated congrats to Carol! And congratulations to you on your sweet wins from Cyndy and Ann....! Woo Hoo! Hope you have a great new week ahead! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (PS - If those cleaning fairies ever show up, tell them they missed me!)


HI, sounds like you had a busy weekend, but fun! That edible creation looks yummy, that wouldn't last 5 minutes in my house!

The Ugly Barn Farm said...

Wow, what a lovely gift, looks incredibly delicious!

I love those storage cubbies! We purchased one of those, but we cut one of the boards and took out one dived, turning 4 cubbies into 1 large one to put our TV in. While the remainder holds the fabric bins. Worked out great!

Homemade summer items sounds good, I'll keep an eye out for the OFG team announcement :)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Looks like you had fun! I love that sweet doll from Cyndi! Enjoy your week, my friend!

Firecracker Kid said...

Well Vicky, you got treated well like I did, I drool everytime I see those edible arrangements commercials on tv. I loooove chocolate covered strawberries. Your kids are so darn cute :)