December 13, 2011

Gingermen Tutorial and Other Ornies

WARNING: This post is heavily loaded with pictures!

I meant to get this posted sooner, however, life (meaning my children!), get in the way sometimes! We're dealing with a nasty case of strep that won't leave a certain little girl alone. Next step will be the removal of tonsils....I think I'll let the doctor do it since my skills are mostly with the saws and sanders!! Cross your fingers for me that it doesn't go that far, pretty please.
Gingermen: A Tutorial
I started off with a 'hand drawn' pattern. I made my OCD version on the left but chose to work with the Primitive this time! 
Sewed 'em up and based them in Americana Lt. Cinnamon.
Sponged them first with Americana Cocoa and then lightly with Buttermilk. Be patient! One side at a time, please!
After they dry then sponge on some of that Lt. Cinnamon once again. No heavy hand needed here!
While wet, splatter them with a toothbrush full of black paint and some glass glitter! We like it all shiny and sparkly, now don't we?!
I took them out and sprayed them with some Matt Sealer. This is optional as is a light sanding when fully dry.
I pinned a rusty safety pin for hanging and tied a strip of homespun around their necks and.... VooDoo Gingermen were born, LOL!!
Here are the rest of the ornaments that I've been working on these past few days!
I got this gourd from Judy with a Giveaway prize this past summer. Love it when it's 'easy peasy'!
These were cut from cotton canvas and an old cutter's quilt. I painted them all over with white acrylic paint and glittered up the wings after getting them all stitched up. I was inspired by a talented artisan and friend, Barb of Barb's Hearstrokes. (Check out her ornie by clicking the link!).
Primmed up Candy Canes cut from muslin and painted then wrapped with modpodge soaked homespun. I stained them with a wash of brown acrylic paint and then sprinkled them liberally with glass glitter!
Last, but not least, was a custom order by my 6 year old twin daughter! She LOVES "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" as much as my hubby loves James, Clint,, my chicken wings....well, you get the picture! 
LOL!! I get cracked up every time I look at him!! She tells me she's been 'The Grinch' this year! She's not kidding, however, I did remind her that his heart grew 3 sizes and hers will, too!! Aren't I a nice mommy? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (that was an evil laugh)!!
I've a couple of more projects for gifts and then I think I'll take a break. I'm not loading anything else up on Etsy. I was going to have a FB Giveaway and this sick little girl of ours is taking up all of my time and energy so I'm going to take the advice of a good friend and just 'let it go'. I even let our local Walgreen's make my Christmas cards instead of killing myself with a wordy newsletter: GO ME!!!!
My best to you as you finish up your shopping and get your lists fulfilled. Take mine and my friends advice and 'LET IT GO'!
Golly Wobbles but it's down right EMPOWERING!!


Carol Stuck said...

Thanks for the tut on the ornies. Your post has me cracking up....too comical. I need a good laugh. Thanks!

holiday hugs,

Anonymous said...

Love the ornaments, and will take the advice to heart. <3 to you and yours!

Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

Cute ornies. Hope the little one gets better.
Merry Christmas to you and yours, Vicky.
Thanks for all your advice.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Thanks so much for telling me how to create this prim look on the gingers! I would love to try this! I have my PAFA post coming up tomorrow morning! Please stop by and visit! I can't wait for you to see everything together! ♥

Barb said...

WOW Vicky you have been one busy little bee!!!
I love your ginger ornies and your angle face ones that were inspired by my wood ones!?! Just to much talent at your house!
Fabulous Grinch-one of a kind.
Hope your little gal gets feeling better and that you are free from doing your own kind of surgery!
Happy Holidays to you all!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Argghhh - you crack me up Girlfriend!! Love your VD Gingers...ooops - you know that's "Voo Doo" Gingers, right??? ;o) They're too stinking cute....And that Grinch is perfectly and adorably grinchy!! Love him! One of my favorite holiday shows. Hope your little one gets all better soon - and without having the surgery. So hard when they're so small.... (But, man, Vicky - you sure have that evil laugh down something awesome...should we be worried???) ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Hi, Vicky, I hope the little one gets better quickly. Thanks for the ginger tut. I loved your post and your sense of humor.

Ladybug said...

LOVE IT ALL my "Prim" Friend
I can see why you things sell so
fast... :-)

Merry Christmas
Hugs Ladybug