September 23, 2011


What has happened to that extra 'time' that I'm supposed to get when those kids get to school?!
I've been so busy that my hobby is starting to feel like work and NO that is NOT a good thing, LOL!!
This is my VERY full table! It has a mix of Halloween, Fall, Christmas, and Teacher's gifts!
I've been busy working on a custom Halloween order.
This is a fairly large piece but the customer's door is super honkin' big so she needed something that wouldn't look like a piece of fuzz stuck up there, ya know?!
I'm working on my Giveaway and should have it ready by next Wednesday. Wanted to do it sooner but life just gets in the way sometimes and I'll be helping my husband put up a swing set for the twins this weekend. It's an early Christmas present for them and, since it was already pretty much put together, we couldn't easily hide it!
Our "Winter Celebration" is still going strong with the OFG Team
Just go to and type in the tag letters WWHOFG in the search bar under ALL ITEMS to see some great pieces!
I hope life is treating you all well and you're keeping your tables 'clear'!
Stay tuned for my next Giveaway! I hope you like Ghosts!!!


Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

Boy, your desk looks so familiar! Your custom order is going to be perfect.

Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

Wow Vicky, Love that cauldron. Did you cut that witch out??? Very detailed!!!! But, that's what makes it.
I know, time just seems to fly by!!!! Everything will fall in place!!!!

Ladybug said...

Hi Vicky

Oh gosh!! heard what you are saying
where does the time go..Seems the
older one get's the faster time
travel's like being in a Time-Machine racing in outer space :-)

Lots of awesome projects you are
working, I can see you been busy
working with the Saws again.. You
might need to have Hubby built you
a bigger work station... :_)

You are awesome Painter such talent
you have my Prim Friend..
Warm Blessings/Hugs

Carol said...

No rest for the weary, ay? Note I didn't say wicked. Oh, it'll keep you young :o) Love that BIG project!

TheCrankyCrow said...

That is an awesome project you're working on!! LOVE it! Wish I had a door large enough to accommodate it! And, hey - who DOESN'T love ghosts?? ;o) Happy, happy, Autumn!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin