May 28, 2011's up????

I'm having a terrible time with blogger...are you? I've whined to them and still have not received an answer to my problems. My HTLM and compose buttons are messed up. Ya know, when you go to write up a new post? I can't upload a picture like I normally do on the compose tab, but I CAN on the Edit HTML tab. What's up with that?? Then I have to click back on the compose tab to write the post!
My biggest gripe is I can't leave a comment on other's blogs..not all, but alot! I'm missing out on Giveaways and leaving comments on your gorgeous creations! I've checked my 'cookies' and they're all still enabled. I think my next avenue is to change my template. That way the HTML will be edited and perhaps FIX all of the unwanted errors that occurred when blogger had a hiccup a few weeks ago.
If you've had these issues and have been able to figure them out, will you share with me? Can you comment on my blog, and if not, will you email me at to let me know? I'd surely
 appreciate it as I have some things to share and a Giveaway I'd like to post.
Thanks and have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!


TheCrankyCrow said...

Hi Vicky~
Lots of folks have been having lots of problems - I haven't heard of the issue with the HTLM yet, but definitiely with the comments. I posted some work-arounds on my blog that are working for me a few days ago ( if you're interested in giving them a try. There seems to be some interface issues between Blogger and some of the web browsers/search engines (e.g., Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.) If you run Mozilla Firefox, however, there don't seem to be problems. And, even if you are using the problematic browsers, you can leave comments on those blogs that have changed their comment setting from "embedded" to "pop-up window." So I did both because I knew not everyone would be willing to or know how to switch their web browsers. Also for some, an even easier fix has been to simply sign out of blogger (if it lets you - it wouldn't let me); then sign back in, but make sure you unclick the "keep me signed in" option.
Take a read on my post - see if it might help you as well. I'll be happy to help any way I can.
Have a great holiday weekend....Smiles & Hugs, Robin

Debbie said...

The same thing has been happening to me. If this comment goes through it will be one of the only ones that has in a while!

Debbie Geiger said...

Hi Vicki I have not had any problems posting to my blog,but I have had issues with posting to others sometimes you can sign out and then back in but most times I have to wait until later in the day. Hope you get yours figured out soon and maybe post how you fixed it in case it helps someone else with the same issues later.
Have a great weekend!!!

MaryBerry Boutique said...

oh my heck vicki i cant leave comments on blogs either unless i use my lap top...whats up with that? I also had to change my google account because it wouldnt let me get into my account! I dont even know how i did it. I was freaking out lol! i thought i was going to loose my blog altogether because i couldnt get in:( anyway its so nice to know im not the only one having problems not that im glad you are. I hope you get everything worked out!

Anonymous said...

Any issues I've had were short-lived, but I've heard from others that they can't post comments. Oh, that explains why I have 0 comments on my blogs! Either that or nothing I've written bears comment...? I did get yours on the tankini issue...

I hope you get your issues resolved. From the looks of things, you already have friends that may have solutions! :)

3 days!!!