September 29, 2010

On My Table... a continuance of fall. I'm well on my way to prepping turkeys, (though none are evident here!), but had to make way for just 2 more Halloweenie things. Just 2. A friend of mine gave me an idea for another 'Witches' welcome  for the front door. See that nice cut out that I did with a small blade and my new scroll saw? Like taking a hot knife to buttah, baby! It will be ready in a few days. Also, I didn't have any owls. None. How'd that happen? I actually didn't have any in my design booklet either, so I'm fixing that. And just one more Pumpkin Fall Welcome...actually 2, so I can give away one!
I should be ready for my Giveaway by Monday. We've had a ridiculous time with this cold germ. I was up again last night quieting one of the twin's bark. Sheesh! Can it leave already?!
Hope you're staying well. Come back and see me soon!

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michelle said...

the witches look great.We all got the same cough here.mine got the worse but much better now.hang in there and have a great day.blessings michelle