July 30, 2010


...comes in all forms and from all over! Our older children are artistic so it doesn't surprise me that the younger ones are. However, I am surprised at how much attention they pay me even when I don't think they're looking. Hence life's lessons and why we should 'mind our manners' when the kids are around!
Their inspiration: my current work. Based in acrylics just because I'm in unknown territory; meaning drawing/painting the dolphins. Plus, I like the ease of acrylics and less mess!

Anna's (was the pink a dead giveaway??!!!)
Tate's (of course, it HAS to be blue even if the water wasn't!)
Their masterpieces: my encouragement and inspiration to continue to paint and improve. See? You never know where it's going to come from!

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Diana Marshall said...

aww so cute! I bet the kids had fun painting their master pieces and Mom too (love the crab)