February 16, 2010

'Tis the season?

Normally, by this time on the calendar year, I'm in full 'spring' mode and painting up bunnies and all things floral. But unlike the artists I follow on my sidebar who are WAY ahead of me, I'm still painting this kind of stuff.
And if that's not enough, I've finished the Santas and have these guys on there now.

And once these guys are gone, then these will get their color and character.

The cold weather is keeping me from going outside and cutting more wood. My fingers get cold and I seriously don't want to lose one due to lack of feeling, ya know?! So, I'll be patient and wait for our warmth to return and be content to have my fingers, all ten of them, and paint what's left in my box. (fingers drumming)....so how much longer 'till March?


emilysuze said...

You should come move out here where the weather is warmer! ;)

The Faveros said...

I love these!! You have so many cute ideas:)