October 25, 2009

It's A Process...

...and it usually starts with this. Wood; whitewood, birch, plywood, cedar, 2 x 4 's; a little of all of it! If you can get scaps, that's even better! Don't forget your blades, your sandpapers, glues, and hardware...it all adds up....and fast!

You need a good sharp pencil to draw out your patterns. Pay attention to your grain if you're using the pine boards! Sure can save your saw blades and the ease in which to cut out the wood. (This is a cabinet grade hardwood, which is even worse on your blades, but worth it since it's some of that scrap I was telling you about that's free! Plus it's got a nice painting surface.)

A good scroll saw can make a big difference...

A 1" belt bench sander can make even a BIGGER difference!
Don't forget to drill all of the holes before starting the sanding process!

Do not underestimate the use of a 4" belt bench sander! I could not even imagine doing all of this without either one of them!

And then you wind up with this; lots and lots of this!

I don't know how a 'crafter' could ever get paid fully for the amount of time they put in to cutting out their own wood. I love being outside, especially when the weather cools to a nice 75 degrees so it's quite enjoyable to me, however, it does take up alot of time! Just another session of 'therapy' for me!

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Diana Marshall said...

Wow you have been busy, power tools sure are a help. I once made a set of dolls furniture out of thin ply wood and cut it all by hand with a fret saw! I am sure these will be lovely when they are finished.