July 27, 2015

My Pin Keep Swap!

I'm a bit late getting this posted. Life gets in the way of all of my fun.
I joined in on Wendy's Annual 'Christmas in July' Pin Keep Swap over at Ravenwood Whimzies this past month. I received my Pin Keep over a week ago from Mary!
She's a 'fellow Floridian' and her blog is https://anoldcrowsjourney.wordpress.com/
Stop by her Blog and you can see what I sent her. My camera wasn't working the day I sent it out and my hubby took the pic on his phone. Of course, he didn't give me the photo yet. I forgot to remind him the required 10 times!
We had a fun time with the 12-13 year olds from our Church. It's also an Annual event here at the Weaver's house! We LOVE having the youth come out. Some of these kids have never enjoyed these sporting events that we take for granted. I've been on or around the water here in Florida all of my life. I can't Water Ski but I've tried it all!!

We had a great day and enjoyed the Sun and it's shine before the storms hit in the afternoon.
I'm a lucky gal to live and play on the Lake!
We're getting over the dregs of a nasty Upper Respiratory Virus. I finally caved in and went to the Docs. A double Ear/Sinus Infection warranted me 10 days of Antibiotic. Orders for School Name Blocks are coming in so I've got to get better.
Hope your Summer has been fun! School starts in a few more weeks. I'll be glad to get back on a routine although I could do without the early morning wake-up calls!
Have a good one!

July 1, 2015

I'm Thinking of Fall!

Etsy is celebrating "Christmas in July". It's the first day of July. Christmas is 6 months away. I'm sure you know that already, however, I have to keep saying it over and over again to myself as it's hard to believe we're half-way through 2015. When my kids were little I was always finished with my Holiday shopping by September. Even though my shop is participating in the celebration on Etsy, my mind cannot wrap around anything Christmas at this time.
I am thinking of Fall, however. Purchased these super cute patterns from Pattis Ratties.
You can find her shop HERE. I've set up my sewing machine and cutting out these patterns today.
I also picked up some extra fabric from a gal on my Overstock sales page on Facebook.
A whole box of fat quarters! Yes, I need another piece of fabric like I need another hole in the head but it's one of my obsessions and something that I'll always give into. Plus I'm making some 12" Rag Dolls with some 8-11 year olds this month and they'll need dresses. Well, yes, that's a little much for a few Rag Doll dresses but it will deplete my supply just a bit....even though someone already donated some pretty Calicos. A girl has to keep a close eye out for her supply stash!
I went to Target and in their $1 section I found these.

Chalk Board surfaces. I always like to have a 'little something' to put into a package whenever I've had a buyer purchase more than average. I just like to show my appreciation and I think it's good business. Hasn't hurt me in any way and I'm sure the customer appreciates the extra and unexpected. I know I do when I receive the same.
Forgot to share Father's day. I think the kids may regret getting this. Their Dad loves to have his feet rubbed and he enjoyed this gift.
I'm sure I'll be the one handling this most times.
Also wanted to share Southern Living's recipe for their Key Lime Pound Cake. I made this for Father's Day and it was very well received!
You can find the recipe HERE.
If you want to visit shops that are celebrating 'Christmas in July' on Etsy then go to Etsy HERE or you can type in the search bar CIJ. Many of us have a coupon. Mine is CIJ15 for 15% off anything in my shop.
I'm still 'thinking' about painting the house. It'll happen one of these days!
Have a great day!