July 24, 2013


Remember this?
Oh, but she's so FULL of attitude; casting her spells and causing me deep consternation. She should be ashamed but, of course, she's not. And as a WOMAN, that's her prerogative!
I sat down to finish her a few days ago.
I layered her clothing with my own design. You can't see it in this picture but I cut her sleeves wider at the end and on a diagonal.She has a pair of pantaloons, then a skirt, then the dress part that I'd sewn the apron to. I didn't think out the process throroughly and had put her head onto her body before I'd slipped on her dress...SO....I had to slit the front and back to get it on. I stitched and glued a piece of fabric down her front so I could hide the slit.
Her collar is Tulle and she has a Black/White polka dot tie at her chin. I also tied a strip on her hat and then glued the wooden black bat above it that I'd painted, previously.
Her boots have been grubbied up with some cinnamon and 2 rusted safety pins attached for her 'buckles'.
I painted on her lashes, her mole, and those wide lips that she casts her nasty spells from.
Her hair is gray sheep's roving and her hat is made from black felt. She's 32" tall and a good 'handfull'!
I've named her Sassafrass. She's sitting on her bench in front of my China cabinet and thus far, hasn't given me any trouble.
 I've got her listed in my Etsy if you want to stop by and FAVORITE her.
She took some time to make but I REALLY enjoyed putting her fabrics together.
I've listed most of my inventory again in my shop. Slowly getting back to the 'here and now'. It's been nice having some down time.
We're getting lots of rain here and I've not been able to break out the 'tools' between the heat and the wet stuff. I did manage to get these painted up.

I'll have another Giveaway soon so make sure you 'STAY TUNED'!


Raggedy Creations said...

Yep she's got Attitude. Great job.


Kim said...

Your witch is spooktacular :0)
Looks like you are keeping busy with all the rain!

cucki said...

Aww so sweet x

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

She is SASSY! I love her! Enjoy your week and today's cooler temps! Sweet hugs from across town! lol

Jacquie Wheeler said...

Sassy sweetness!! Bring on the Fall!

Jacquie Wheeler said...

Sassy sweetness!! Bring on the Fall!

Barb said...

She is Fabulous Vicky!
Getting into the fall/Halloween spirit myself!
Enjoy your day,

Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

M a y b e...she is causing problems....weather problems if your not able to do what you normally do??????
Love her!!!!!

Colleen said...

She looks like she could be a trouble maker. You better keep an eye on her! :)

Firecracker Kid said...

She probably caused you deep consternation, 'cause she thought you were gonna take her head off to get that dress on... LOL. Then you both would've been without a head. But, I'm glad you're getting your head back in the game, ha ha!
She's a knockout, I love her!
I've been making myself get a move no too :) Upward and onward!


Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

LOVE Sassafrass, sometimes the orneriest dolls are the ones that turn out the best and that is certainly the case in Miss Sassie's case!