December 28, 2011

Who Knows???

This is my life right now....'s not dandruff that's got me scratchin' my old noggin. Fact is, we just don't know what's going to happen this year. Nothing terrible to report but there might be changes to our lives and I emphasize MIGHT! You see, I've been married to my man long enough to realize NOT to PLAN anything. 'Go with the flow' 'cause that's the kind of guy he is...and that's the kind of work he does; for the most part anyways! He's taking a job out of state and taking our oldest daughter with him. If he's not needed back here in our Sunshine State then I may have to pack up to go for a year or two. Did I ever tell you how much I hate packing; or moving for that matter?!! Well, I do...REALLY, I do hate it! So it's gonna take a monumental  decision to make me go anywhere. And I will drag my!!!!
Of course, this doesn't affect yours and my relationship! NAW, we'll still be best buds meeting up here on a regular basis! I'll still have my Giveaways and you'll still drop by sign up and tell me how much you love me!! So it's ALL good between us. Isn't that just the neatest thing?! I can take you anywhere I go and you'll always be there!!!  
I WILL paint again so 
Stay tuned!!

December 16, 2011

WHAT? No Room in the Stable?

Can you imagine?
It's bad enough that there was no room in the "Inn" but to not have access to the Stable?
Well, now.......I'm changing the story just slightly to better suit my own inadequacies. Let me explain.
I bought a pattern from Tawny over at the PRIMITIVE NOOK.
Hers is quite a bit more primitive than mine but you have to remember this 'Primsy thing' I've got going on. 
See? The color thing just can't be stopped!! I used some brown corduroy for Joseph and a blue knit for Mary. Baby Jesus' swaddling is natural batting and then a small amount of homespun is added for detail. I didn't pinch sew there noses and I painted mine flesh color and then washed them with a brown acrylic. That whole 'coffee' thing just isn't for me.
I also sewed up the sides of their robes. (I'm sorry, Tawny! I couldn't help it!)
I love how they turned out! Joseph's beard and hair is unwashed sheep's wool from the Homestead Wool and Gift Farm.
Well, I couldn't leave it at that. They needed shelter and of course we all know that Baby Jesus was born in a Stable and layed in a manger in the Stable, right? 
Only Joseph couldn't go in.
Okay.....more explanations!
My hubby brought home an old palette. Mmmmmmmmm, but I LOVE me some wood!
Anyhoo, I decided to make a Stable for the Trio so I did. Measured it up and cut it out; nailed it together with my brad's almost as fun as shootin' my 22! I think I might need a holster!
Here it is! Looks like it'll work, right?!
"Uh, HELLO??!!" says Joseph, just a bit agitated. "Did you forget about me?"
"Well no, I didn't", I reply. I just misjudged your height and ......
Mary had to do all of the work anyway! She fits just fine!"
He's not happy so I need to go back to the drawing board. (Just between you and me, I think he's ticked 'cause he can't find the TV remote. Sound familiar?!)
Sigh.......I HATE it when things go wrong. 'Cause now I have no one to blame but myself and that just stinks to have to own up to it. It's so much better when we can blame someone else!!
Kids are now out of school. If you hear some strange sounds coming from the southeast end of the country, you'll know I've gone insane!
Hope your holiday events are all coming together and you find yourself 'STABLE'! HA! Couldn't resist the pun!!!
Stay Tuned!

December 13, 2011

Gingermen Tutorial and Other Ornies

WARNING: This post is heavily loaded with pictures!

I meant to get this posted sooner, however, life (meaning my children!), get in the way sometimes! We're dealing with a nasty case of strep that won't leave a certain little girl alone. Next step will be the removal of tonsils....I think I'll let the doctor do it since my skills are mostly with the saws and sanders!! Cross your fingers for me that it doesn't go that far, pretty please.
Gingermen: A Tutorial
I started off with a 'hand drawn' pattern. I made my OCD version on the left but chose to work with the Primitive this time! 
Sewed 'em up and based them in Americana Lt. Cinnamon.
Sponged them first with Americana Cocoa and then lightly with Buttermilk. Be patient! One side at a time, please!
After they dry then sponge on some of that Lt. Cinnamon once again. No heavy hand needed here!
While wet, splatter them with a toothbrush full of black paint and some glass glitter! We like it all shiny and sparkly, now don't we?!
I took them out and sprayed them with some Matt Sealer. This is optional as is a light sanding when fully dry.
I pinned a rusty safety pin for hanging and tied a strip of homespun around their necks and.... VooDoo Gingermen were born, LOL!!
Here are the rest of the ornaments that I've been working on these past few days!
I got this gourd from Judy with a Giveaway prize this past summer. Love it when it's 'easy peasy'!
These were cut from cotton canvas and an old cutter's quilt. I painted them all over with white acrylic paint and glittered up the wings after getting them all stitched up. I was inspired by a talented artisan and friend, Barb of Barb's Hearstrokes. (Check out her ornie by clicking the link!).
Primmed up Candy Canes cut from muslin and painted then wrapped with modpodge soaked homespun. I stained them with a wash of brown acrylic paint and then sprinkled them liberally with glass glitter!
Last, but not least, was a custom order by my 6 year old twin daughter! She LOVES "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" as much as my hubby loves James, Clint,, my chicken wings....well, you get the picture! 
LOL!! I get cracked up every time I look at him!! She tells me she's been 'The Grinch' this year! She's not kidding, however, I did remind her that his heart grew 3 sizes and hers will, too!! Aren't I a nice mommy? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (that was an evil laugh)!!
I've a couple of more projects for gifts and then I think I'll take a break. I'm not loading anything else up on Etsy. I was going to have a FB Giveaway and this sick little girl of ours is taking up all of my time and energy so I'm going to take the advice of a good friend and just 'let it go'. I even let our local Walgreen's make my Christmas cards instead of killing myself with a wordy newsletter: GO ME!!!!
My best to you as you finish up your shopping and get your lists fulfilled. Take mine and my friends advice and 'LET IT GO'!
Golly Wobbles but it's down right EMPOWERING!!

December 7, 2011

More Snow Folk!

I couldn't resist making some more of these guys. I'd already sewn them up and had put them away until next year when I realized that WINTER has yet to come! 
I named this guy 'Buttons'!
This guy has a Stove Pipe hat like the other one but a few inches longer! I love their little branch noses!
I bought a large bag of 3" wooden candlesticks and  got the brilliant idea of making these! I decided to reduce the head size of the other big guys and WALLAH (is that how you'd spell it?), the Snow Pals were born! Actually, you've already met the one on the left from the last Giveaway but his cousins have now joined him!
I'm now finishing up the last of my ornaments! Can't wait to show you my VERY PRIMSY Gingermen! They make me think of voo doo dolls! I'll show you why and share a brief Tutorial with you about my technique so give me a 'few' to finish up!
Hope your Holiday Season is a joyous one!

December 5, 2011

A New Design and Some WINNERS!!

Good morning EVERYONE!
I hope your weekends were restorative! I got the best sleep I've had in weeks last night! We've had Strep and nasty cold germs in our home and I'm happy to see them all leaving!
I have a 'painting' friend that comes over every-once-in-a-while on a Friday and we 'paint the day away'! Lots of laughter and good hugs make both of us feel SO much better! What would the world be like without that special Girl Friend?!! She came over last Friday and we painted something I'd designed. I ran across a similar design somewhere but am unable to give credit as I can't remember where. I drew it up with measurements on a small piece of paper.....
I cut it our of 1x6 pine and 1x12 pine. 
I used my brad nailer to go ahead and put it all together. 
And then we painted our hearts out!
This is Barb my friend!
And here's our final pieces!
Hers is on the right and mine the left and hers turned out SO MUCH better than mine! We always get tickled 'cause we'll start with the same design and it ALWAYS ends up different (I need to make my 'eyes' a bit larger)! LOVE how they turned out!
Well, on with the winners!!
Thank you ALL so much for participating in my last blog Giveaway for the year of 2011!
I'm so blessed to have good people like yourselves who come by and give me a 'pat on the shoulder' for good work done. Let's admit it.......we all need that validation, right?! chose me 2 winners and they are:


I've got your addy's girls so just shoot me an email at and tell me which item you'd like to have!
Thanks again everyone for all of your sweet comments! I appreciate the new followers, too!
I'll have a FaceBook 'mystery' again in a few days so make sure you 'LIKE' my page (FB badge is on the right sidebar) so you can see when it comes up.......I'll let you know here, too!!!!
May you all have a wonderful Holiday Season!!
God Bless