May 28, 2011's up????

I'm having a terrible time with blogger...are you? I've whined to them and still have not received an answer to my problems. My HTLM and compose buttons are messed up. Ya know, when you go to write up a new post? I can't upload a picture like I normally do on the compose tab, but I CAN on the Edit HTML tab. What's up with that?? Then I have to click back on the compose tab to write the post!
My biggest gripe is I can't leave a comment on other's blogs..not all, but alot! I'm missing out on Giveaways and leaving comments on your gorgeous creations! I've checked my 'cookies' and they're all still enabled. I think my next avenue is to change my template. That way the HTML will be edited and perhaps FIX all of the unwanted errors that occurred when blogger had a hiccup a few weeks ago.
If you've had these issues and have been able to figure them out, will you share with me? Can you comment on my blog, and if not, will you email me at to let me know? I'd surely
 appreciate it as I have some things to share and a Giveaway I'd like to post.
Thanks and have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!

May 23, 2011

One More Week!

Don't forget to sign up for this FANTASTIC GIVEAWAY over at the Old FarmHouse Gathering.
Go HERE to sign up and view some of the wonderful creations going to one lucky person!

May 19, 2011

My Pin Keep!!

Do YOU know what a Pin Keep is? Just a pin cushion you say...JUST a pin cushion???!!!
Well, obviously you need to be educated so let me help you.
Wendy over at Ravenwood Whimzies had a Pin Keep Swap. I didn't know much about them nor had I ever made one so I thought, "What better way to learn, right?" Exactly right!
Long story short, my swap partner and I were teamed up with yet a third member, a triangle of sorts, and we emailed each other over a month's time.
I got mine yesterday!
This is THE MOST ADORABLE pin keep I've ever seen!! And it was made...just for Mary of Marmmies Mammys and More
Mary knows how much I LOVE Raggedy dolls!!!!
Look at the little woodland creatures! Even my husband loved this!!
But she didn't stop there....oh, no...she went a step further and gave me this....
A RAGGEDY DOLLIE!!!! Be still my heart!!! She's SOOOOOO cute!!
And she also gave me some beautiful place mats for my table...

Everything is just wonderful!!
Now how sweet is she? SAWEEEEEETTTTTT!!!!! Go over to her blog HERE and meet her! She sells her beauties, too!
Now, I have to tell you about the Pin Keep I made Kathy 'cause Kathy isn't well right now. To say she has an ouchie would be an understatement but you can go HERE and meet her as she needs some followers on her magical blog! Wish her well while you're at it...she'd like that!
I made Kathy a Pin Keep. Never made one before so this is my first one. I 'studied' her, so to speak just like Mary 'studied' me. Kathy loves fairies and all manner of winged creatures so I came up with this design...
I didn't make the fairy but found her in my favorite material store.
I wanted a funny that Mary did the same thing and she's never seen mine!!

The Pin Keep had to be on a pedestal of some sort so I made mine on a small block of wood. You know me and wood!!!

So, whadayathink? Will it do? Well, if you'd read her thank you to me you would know that she truly loved it! AND that made me a happy person. What was it Mary said to me after I'd emailed her that I'd received her Pin Keep and was so very happy with it? Oh, that she could now breathe!!! LOL!!! Poor Mary, that USPS delivery must've taken it's time...and you sent it Priority!!!!!!
Go over to Wendy's and you can view all of the Pin Keeps that everyone has made! (Wendy has some gorgeous creations of her own that she sells, too, so take a peek while you're there!)
Mary's linked  a picture of my Pin Keep and you can see the one that Kathy made Mary....CUTE!!
I'm going to link mine up for Kathy since her meds have her 'out of it'!!
Thanks for stopping by!!

May 17, 2011

In My Life

This morning is beautiful! Crisp and cool and perfect for us as we've been sweltering from the early heat waves. I took a walk out on my dock first thing.

I've had alot going on lately. The roof has been redone, the 'kids' came in this past weekend, and then I got the remnants of  a nasty tummy bug. I've been a little remiss on telling you about my Giveaway win and my swap from a good cyber friend.
As I came back up the hill, I spotted a 'pair' in my favorite sitting place.
Queenie has a new friend thanks to my recent Giveaway win from Brenda over at THE RUSTY THIMBLE.
Goosey Lucy is making herself at home and Queenie is being the generous hostess in showing her about.
Aren't they adorable?!
I've also been blessed to find a wonderful cyber friend from the foothills of Arizona.
My 'lady bug' friend, Trish and I had a friendship swap the other day. I sent her some simple lady bugs and she sent me this...
Trish and her husband are the owners of "The Rustic Peddlers Barn'. You can find her blog, "Dusty, Tattered, Cupboard Doors" HERE.
I'm working on some Americana pieces and finishing up some 'bunnies' for a donation to a shelter of the Humane Society on the East coast of Florida. They're having a "Bun Fest' of all things!!
Hope life is treating you all well.
I've another Swap prize to tell you about in the next coming days when I receive it. I'll also have a little something to Giveaway, too!!
Stay tuned!

May 11, 2011

I Have a Winner!!

Good morning Everyone!!
I have a winner for my Etsy Giveaway!


"Mamaws Creations said...

Hi Vicky, I would love to enter your super giveaway! I am a follower and I will add this to my blog later today. "

Mamaw, you didn't tell me what you wanted so PLEASE, contact me at and let me know (along with your address) so I can send you something from my Etsy shop!

Thanks everyone, SO MUCH, for your participation in this Giveaway! You helped bring a few more followers to my blog and I'm so very appreciative of your support.
Sorry I'm short on posting but I'm running my daughter to the doc for her annual check up.
I'll be back later to show you the Giveaway I won from Brenda!!
Have a great day!!

May 9, 2011

Some Information....

This is the last week for the PAFA Mother's Day drawings. The 15th is the last drawings so you still have time to sign up for some awesome goodies! Go here!

Also, sign-ups for our OFG Summertime Celebration is still going on! You seriously don't want to miss out on winning all of the wonderful items that our team of talented artisans have donated.
Here are a few selections that you can win!
All to one winner!!
Hurry and go here to sign up!

AND don't forget my Etsy Giveaway! I will choose a winner Wednesday (May 11) morning. Anything in my Etsty is up for grabs. See and comment on the post below this one!!

Stay tuned!!

May 5, 2011

An Etsy Giveaway! (CLOSED) heard me right.
 I've finally got a full inventory in my Etsy shop. I'm 2 people away from having 200 favoriting my shop so there's alot to celebrate. PLUS, I can breathe again and my hacking is almost gone!
To be honest, I thought I still had another week until Mother's Day. Seriously, I didn't discover until a day or so ago that it's THIS SUNDAY!
So, here's my offering:
Go to my Etsy shop HERE or you can click on the banner above or the Etsy gadget on my right side bar.
Go and look and come back and tell me what you'd like to have. ANYTHING is up for grabs! Christmas? Halloween? Still longing for that Valentine? Just tell me. If you get picked it's yours!
If you're a follower, you get a second chance so you know you want to be!!
Of course you can blog about this, or FB, or Tweet and I'll count that as a 3rd chance.
Just tell me; all in one comment, if you please.

I'll run this Giveaway until next Wednesday...that's May 11th. Come back that morning and I'll tell you who won!
Thanks for taking the time.
You know I appreciate you!!

May 3, 2011

I'm On A Roll!

I did it again...I did. I don't know how but I WON another Giveaway!!
Brenda, over at THE RUSTY THIMBLE made this ADORABLE goose to giveaway....

...and she did...TO ME!!!
Want to rub elbows with me? Obviously, lady luck is on my side! Can't wait to have her in my home!
Stop on over at Brenda's Etsy shop. She's having a Mother's Day Sale right now!
Speaking of Mother's Day...I hope to have an offering for you tomorrow or Thursday so come back and see me. It will be short and sweet so don't miss it!
And don't forget the PAFA Mother's Day Giveaway on my right hand side bar. Another 3 winners will be drawn this Saturday!
Stay tuned!