September 28, 2011

A Riddle....and a Halloween GIVEAWAY! (CLOSED)

What do you get when you use this....

....along with these items....

....and your own creative juices?????

You get THESE!!

Did you say ADORABLE?! 
I could hear you all the way through the internet!!
Meet "Boo" and "Eek"! They're twins......'cause you know I'm partial to twins!!
This original pattern came from Thread Bare Primitives. Of course, I took it a few steps further and made it my own!
I took apart some table legs and then used some old oak that a friend gave me to make the stands. I doweled them together with some wood glue and then attached the sewn and painted heads on around the wood spindle with some hot glue. 

I wood glued some wooden letters that I painted, added homespun and seasonal cotton fabrics for bows and they were born! The tags are from Fresh Lemon Blossoms on Etsy. I LOVE Miki's shop!
These were WAY TOO MUCH FUN for me to make! And because of that, I'd LOVE the opportunity to share one with you!
Yes, it's GIVEAWAY time!
You know my rules by now.....
1. Just leave me a comment telling me which one (Boo or Eek) you like best!
(include your email so I can get in touch with you if you don't have a blog!)
2. Be a follower or become one.
3. Advertise this on your blog's sidebar, FB, or Tweet it!!
4. Tell me your favorite Halloween treat!!
Put all of this in one comment, please!
This Giveaway will run until Monday, October 10th! Come back that morning to see who the winner is. If I had a good weekend, then maybe I'll throw in another one.....oh, and if I make it to 200 followers, I just might have something XTRA Special to give!!!
Thanks again for participating! You know I 'heart' each and every one of you.....'cause on the internet, YOU CAN!!!


September 26, 2011


Look what I won from Judy over at Holly Ridge Creations!
One of her Gourd dolls named Ella!! She said she needs to stop and get her a bikini since she's on her way to Florida, LOL!!!! I promised to take a pic of her on my jet ski!! 
I can't WAIT to get her and have her make friends with my other dolls!!!
THANK YOU, JUDY! Your work is soooooo lovely!!

September 23, 2011


What has happened to that extra 'time' that I'm supposed to get when those kids get to school?!
I've been so busy that my hobby is starting to feel like work and NO that is NOT a good thing, LOL!!
This is my VERY full table! It has a mix of Halloween, Fall, Christmas, and Teacher's gifts!
I've been busy working on a custom Halloween order.
This is a fairly large piece but the customer's door is super honkin' big so she needed something that wouldn't look like a piece of fuzz stuck up there, ya know?!
I'm working on my Giveaway and should have it ready by next Wednesday. Wanted to do it sooner but life just gets in the way sometimes and I'll be helping my husband put up a swing set for the twins this weekend. It's an early Christmas present for them and, since it was already pretty much put together, we couldn't easily hide it!
Our "Winter Celebration" is still going strong with the OFG Team
Just go to and type in the tag letters WWHOFG in the search bar under ALL ITEMS to see some great pieces!
I hope life is treating you all well and you're keeping your tables 'clear'!
Stay tuned for my next Giveaway! I hope you like Ghosts!!!

September 19, 2011

A New OFG Celebration!

"Warm Winter Wishes" Are being extended to you from the Old Farmhouse Gathering Team!
Just go to and type in the tag letters, WWHOFG in the search bar for ALL items to find some wonderful treasures from these great artisans! You can look at the slideshow on my side bar to see a small sample!!
Stay tuned!

September 12, 2011

Changes... the season! I know if we're feeling it down here in sunny Florida then everyone else north of us is, too!
Our oldest girl came and stayed a week with us while I got some medical procedures done. 
She put some of these together and, although TOTALLY different from my aesthetic, I LOVE THEM!!! 
I WISH I could think outside the box like she can, but I'm too much of a realist. My whimsical pieces are as far 'out there' as I can go! 
My 'code' is better but I've still got some tummy issues.
I'm working on my next Giveaway and hope to have that up soon!
Hope life is treating you all well!
Stay tuned!


September 5, 2011


Oh, dear....but I have a 'code in my nose'!!!

School is back in session and, yes, my twins have already started bringing home the germs! 
They're all better but I'm still suffering. Just. lovely.
Before the onset of my cold, I was able to finish up some wood cutting. I was going through my 'xtras' and found a few 2x2s and some scrap mdf. I thought to myself, "What can I make with these?", and here's what I came up with!

I tore some seasonal scrapbook paper and decoupaged it on these little blocks. I added some vinyl lettering, cut from my Cricut, and tied a strip of burlap to the top. I cut the ghosts out by following along the 'already cut lines' of my scrap wood. I've got them for sale HERE in my Etsy Shop.
I'm working on a custom Halloween order and a few scarecrows and then it's CHRISTMAS all the way to the end!
Remember to sign up for our PAFA Giveaway posted at the top of my right sidebar.
I hope you're staying healthy from the 'first grader' germs!
I'll have another Giveaway in a week so make sure you stay 'TUNED IN'. You'll like what I have to really will!!!