September 29, 2010

On My Table... a continuance of fall. I'm well on my way to prepping turkeys, (though none are evident here!), but had to make way for just 2 more Halloweenie things. Just 2. A friend of mine gave me an idea for another 'Witches' welcome  for the front door. See that nice cut out that I did with a small blade and my new scroll saw? Like taking a hot knife to buttah, baby! It will be ready in a few days. Also, I didn't have any owls. None. How'd that happen? I actually didn't have any in my design booklet either, so I'm fixing that. And just one more Pumpkin Fall Welcome...actually 2, so I can give away one!
I should be ready for my Giveaway by Monday. We've had a ridiculous time with this cold germ. I was up again last night quieting one of the twin's bark. Sheesh! Can it leave already?!
Hope you're staying well. Come back and see me soon!

September 25, 2010

The Last of Halloween

The Holiday itself isn't even here, however, I'm done.
I've been sick this week but did manage to crank out a few more block sets.

Last year I lost a very important tool.  I've been using a couple of different substitutes as back up but they are nothing like what I had before. It was my birthday yesterday and my wonderful husband brought me in a new toy to replace my old one. I am STOKED!! If it weren't for the threat of impending rain, I'd be out there right now in my 'sawdust heaven'!
I'll be having another Giveaway towards the end of next week. Make sure you come back and see me!

September 17, 2010

Getting Down to Business....

...despite being a bit 'under the weather'. My kindergartners (twins) came home this past week with a cold and it has slowly spread to all of us. Because I really need to get sick right now. (Warning: Heavy sarcasm being used here!)
I have been getting down to business, though, and have managed to load a few new things onto my Etsy.
Thought I'd give you a peek at some of my newest creations.

All cut from 2x4 pine studs...

...decoupaged with mod podge and scrapbook papers...

...embellished with ribbons, fabrics, small wood ghosts, spiders and other accessories.
(These pictures just don't do them justice!)
 I love all of these and am having a blast with my new tool. I actually like decoupaging with the paper more than just applying the vinyl.
I'll have a Giveaway in another week or so and I think some of these same kind of blocks will be included.  Would be nice to have your opinion on them so let me know what you're thinking.
Now, let me go and blow my nose!!

September 7, 2010


I promised you a Giveaway after the Labor Day weekend. It isn't as GRAND as I'd hoped for, but I decided to save the blocks and lettering for another one in a few weeks because this is the last of my Halloween. I've got a good jump 'ahead' on October and need to replenish a very depleted supply of Turkeys, Snowmen, and Santas.
So, here goes!

A little something to hang on your door and usher in the wonderful season of FALL! (for those of you who actually get to experience it!)

AND.... favorite witch of all times!

Oh, you know she's so purty!
Ever wake up in the morning and think, "I look like that!"

The rules to this Giveaway are simple...
1. Leave me a comment and tell me which one you'd like to have.
2. A second chance? Become a follower or tell me you already are one!
3. A third? SURE! Blog about this Giveaway or put it on your Facebook wall and let me know you did!
4. LIKE Paintspots and Splinters on Facebook (my badge is on my right hand sidebar)!
No need for separate comments. I can count!!

I'll keep this one open until next Monday: that's September 13th! Good gracious, that just makes the month move that much faster!!

Thanks so much for participating!
Vicky :0)

September 3, 2010

An Overflowing Pumpkin Patch

It's that time of year! Pumpkins are growing at the farms in anticipation of the upcoming holidays. These appeared on my table the other my hands, of course!
I've also got something new that I'm playing with.

Lots of different effects with papers and vinyl...
I'm loving it!!
Here's another sneak peek at what I'm giving away next week. There will also be some of those pumpkins, too!
Hope to see you after the Holiday!