September 27, 2016

FALL Giveaway!

Awwwwe, FALL, right?! Not here so much as we're still pretty warm but maybe there is hope for us in October!
I'm having a FALL Giveaway on my Facebook page if you'd like to participate!
Go HERE for more information and to sign up!
We're decorating for Halloween around here! It's one of our most favorite things to do!
I've been finishing up some of my Witches and should have them posted in a few days Etsy store. Also did some baking, hehehe.
Not sure you'd like to eat these although they are calorie free! Sure do smell and look like the real thing! Fooled my 34 year old son when he came to visit! They're available HERE in my Etsy also.
Worked on some of those UFO's in my bin, too. Slowly clearing it out.....and I do mean slowly!
You can find these HERE.
Getting a new fridge this week as our 11 year old one has decided to die on us. It is currently processing ice cubes in the freezer when it wants to get cold enough. I'm not complaining as the old, ugly white one is past it's prime and doesn't match my other appliances. The new one will!
Hope you're cooling off where you are. Looks like we'll have to wait a bit longer for our cool down! Have a great day!

September 9, 2016

SEW Much Going On!

Are you like me or the other girl? Or are you both?!
I'm still trying to finish all of those UFO's that I have sitting around in bins.....very FULL bins I might add! However, that didn't stop me from sitting down at the sewing machine.
Of course, it also didn't stop me from going back out to my saws!
I bought a couple of organizers. I actually went through my 'other' organizers and managed to get rid of quite a bit of rubbish. You know, a left over piece of ribbon, etc. that you might can use on another project....that sort of thing. Well, instead of getting rid of one of the 'organizer' that's a little old and missing it's wheels, I just added these.

Yep, they're already full . The top one is for my sewing and 'almost finished' projects and the bottom for my wood pieces and odds and ends. I have a lot of those odds and ends :/
Here are a few things I've managed to get done and listed in my shop.
 (Pattern by Cedar Creek Primitives)
(Pattern by Patti's Ratties)
 (Pattern by Chestnut Junction)
 (Pattern by Chestnut Junction)
(Pattern by Soft In The Head)
ALL of these pieces can be found HERE in my Etsy shop.
Our OFG Team (Old Farmhouse Gathering Team) is having a week long On-line Craft Show from Sept. 9th-16th. You can type in FIFOFG, OFG, or OFG Team in ETSY'S search bar for more fabulous work from our Team members!
I'm down to my last school order for now. Love having 1 or 2 items in my shop that sell continuously. I'm getting good at cutting them out and having them ready for painting and customizing.....especially here in this heat! Did you know we reached 100 today?! Someone please tell Mother Nature to get over the HOT flashes! I have enough for her!
Wishing you an early FALL and relief from this very long summer that we've had. CANNOT believe it's already September!
Have a great weekend!