March 31, 2016

Taking Some Time!

I've really needed it! Taking some time off to regroup and rest and take care of things that seems to have fallen apart without my attention. I've always said my 'art is my therapy' and it is, however, it can be a bit too much sometimes when you overload yourself.
So, I've been slowly, and I do mean s-l-o-w-l-y, getting some forgotten projects done while, intermittently, taking naps.
Awwwwwe, the restorative nap! Not always so as there are time when I wake up grumpy and even groggier than when I went down. We have a handicapped daughter (she's 29 years) who requires my constant care. She has a seizure disorder and, when she has them, lots of times it mean no sleep for me at night. Now that I'm not out at the 'saws' and my paint table, I can take a little more time to catch up on zzzzzzz's that I've missed.
I made this for a sweet lady who comes in a couple of times a week and takes care of our daughter. It gives me some time to get our for errands or 'me time'. Sometimes I stick around the house and work outside but it's my time to do what I want. She is our Angel and requested a sign. So I made it for her.
Also just a couple of Easter/Spring gifts for the kid's Teachers.
Our eldest son came in last night to drop my grand-dog off. He has a weekend trip up north and so I said we'd 'pup sit' for him.
Hanns is a handsome fella! He is purebred German-German Shepherd not Amercian-German. He is HUGE! Scared me to death the first time I met him as I am not a fan of big dogs but he won me over fast! He is so sweet and gentle which really surprised me. So, I'll watch him for a few days and we'll solidify our bond just a bit more!
Right now my Etsy shop is closed but I'll be opening back up in another week.....only for a month, though. I'm closing for the summer and anticipate being back for the Fall with some new pieces. Hopefully those summer months will give me the time I need to finish those 'forgotten' projects and allow me some extra time for naps along the way.
Hope your Spring has sprung and you're blooming where you're planted.