September 27, 2016

FALL Giveaway!

Awwwwe, FALL, right?! Not here so much as we're still pretty warm but maybe there is hope for us in October!
I'm having a FALL Giveaway on my Facebook page if you'd like to participate!
Go HERE for more information and to sign up!
We're decorating for Halloween around here! It's one of our most favorite things to do!
I've been finishing up some of my Witches and should have them posted in a few days Etsy store. Also did some baking, hehehe.
Not sure you'd like to eat these although they are calorie free! Sure do smell and look like the real thing! Fooled my 34 year old son when he came to visit! They're available HERE in my Etsy also.
Worked on some of those UFO's in my bin, too. Slowly clearing it out.....and I do mean slowly!
You can find these HERE.
Getting a new fridge this week as our 11 year old one has decided to die on us. It is currently processing ice cubes in the freezer when it wants to get cold enough. I'm not complaining as the old, ugly white one is past it's prime and doesn't match my other appliances. The new one will!
Hope you're cooling off where you are. Looks like we'll have to wait a bit longer for our cool down! Have a great day!


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

the best thing about using scarecrows in fall decorating is that they can stay up until thanksgiving. Love yours. REALLY love the crown in the sidebar of you FB page

Danice said...

'Love the giveaway scarecrow, and the pumpkins. We are finally getting cooler weather here. Happy Fall to you too.

phyllisspawdesigns said...

Very cute scarecrow!