October 26, 2015

A Busy Month!

October has been a very busy month for me! I'm needing a break and looking forward to December when I take one. I'll be back at the 'saws' again today. I have a couple of Halloween Costumes to put together this week for the family and am finishing up some dolls for the upcoming Holidays and our Team Celebration. Lots of Snowfolks both wood and softies, some Reindeer, and a couple of new dolls.
I went to our McIntosh 1890's Festival on Saturday. It's an annual event that I've attended since High School when we (our band) marched in the parade. A couple of Artists friends that I keep up with on Facebook were there. Samantha from Southern Belle Scentz and The Olde Country Cupboard and Terry Swezey of Gourds and Gifts. Here are some of the purchases I made from their stores.
 Got my first 'Andy' from Samantha! For those of you who knew Sandy Schmidt of The Olde Country Cupboard, that was her Mom. Sandy passed away a few years ago.
 Terry paints beautifully!
 This little girl is for my MIL for a Christmas gift. 
I LOVE Samantha's Tarts. Her shop is Southern Belle Scentz on Etsy.
Terrible photo but I couldn't resist this little guy from Terry's booth! His antlers are wrapped in colored lights. Can't wait to have him set up by my tree!
The Antique store I buy my supplies from was there again as they usually are. Best place to pick up spools and bobbins as most are just a buck or two. He was low on Beehive Bobbins and I had to search hard for the one that I did get.
I'm working on Christmas now and most crafters are. I know many don't want to see pictures of it now as it's not even past Halloween yet but in the retail business, "the early bird catches the worm"! I had a custom order for a few of these. Pretty and simple and, of course, the photo doesn't do it justice! I'll be ' lettin' her rip' in a few more weeks when our OFG Team starts it's Wintery Celebration so beware!
And with that scary thought, I hope your Hallow's Eve is safe and your Treats are more than your Tricks!
Stay tuned!


Jackie said...

The little reindeer sure is cute!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I looked for you! heehee! But it was hard to find anyone with ALL those people! I did a post too and had fun seeing Samantha again this year. I bought her little Halloween doll. It sure was fun but it was so crowded that it was hard to look in some of the booths, wasn't it? I did think there were more prims this year though so that was great. Enjoy your week! Hugs, Diane