May 4, 2015

Painting Some Americana!

I love painting anything in our Patriotic colors! I've had so much fun this last week finishing up my items for Summer and the month of July. I have a couple of small paintings that I'm working on and they'll be the last of my craft items. I always close down for part of the summer when the kids get out of school but this year I'm going to stay open. I'll just cut off the 'custom' orders so I'm not having to cut wood in 95 degree weather!
I got started on these Uncle Sam's and realized I didn't have any flowers for them. SO, off to Michael's I went.
Silk flowers can be expensive! These weren't too bad as I got them 40% off. My eyes are ALWAYS open and looking for sales!
The next few photos are all made in similar fashion.

I used a tin pail, a terra cotta planter that I painted, and this old tin cup found at a yard sale.
This next one I made using a piece of 2x4 and dowel. I like to make some of my Make-Dos this way.
I thought, with the purchase of a 'Summer/Patriotic' item, I'll include one of these 'God Bless America' Blocks.
These are also made form 2x4 studs. I've painted them with acrylic craft paints, sanded around the edges, decoupaged with good scrapbook paper or stenciled, and then applied the vinyl lettering. I always coat a layer of Mod Podge over the lettering to prevent any lifting. Hope it's a good enough incentive as Summer sales are always slow.
I've also made these easy plaque/signs.

I love it when a craft comes with an 'Easy' button!
The signs are already in my Etsy but the Uncle Sams will be listed in a few more weeks along with these girls.
The little girl on the far right is already gone to a good home and a good friend but the other 3 will be available soon.
School is almost out. I'm looking forward to summer slowing down and lazy afternoons. The kids are getting old enough to help themselves and that makes my life easier as I continue to care for our handicapped daughter.
Hoping those of you to the North of us are finally warming up. Mother Nature has finally decided to give us a bit of a Spring so we're enjoying the cooler mornings and breezy days.
I've got one more Giveaway before Summer kicks in so stay tuned!



Denise * KKL Primitives said...

Omgosh, these Uncle Sam's are adorable Vicky! Your dolls are so sweet too!

cathy williams said...

I'm the one with the little girl doll. Lula is just adorable. I named her after a friend of mine. The work and love that's in Vicki crafts is unbelievable. You can go wrong. There no cutting corners with Vicki.

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Love how your Uncle Sam's turned out! Too Cute!