April 18, 2015

Something New From Me!

I've been working on a little project for a few weeks now....well, more like a month now....and then some! I'm slow when it comes to making dolls. I refuse to take orders because I make them at my whim. It's a bit like my oil painting. I've been waiting for a new tool to come in the mail so I could finish them. Here's the tool.
I honestly thought it was going to be hard to needle felt but was amazed at how easily it's done. I bought this set from Amazon. My only tip to you is watch your finger placement!
Here's my project.

This is a pattern from Sweet Meadows Farm.  I can never get mine to look like Maureen's so I deviate a bit. I just LOVE them!!
 Lottie and Ola Mae!

This one's name is Fannie!
I love Black Folk Art Dolls and these are my first attempts. I just keep hugging them! My husband just shakes his head! I haven't listed them yet. Will probably wait until our next celebration. Still need to put the seed beads on for the Chicken's eyes. I used Alpaca Roving for their hair and set it in with the Needle Felting tool. It look so REAL!! They're all stained with my Prim mix and smell so yummy!
My Facebook Giveaway is lying on my laundry room floor, drying. Hope to have it up on Monday so look me up. You'll love it if you're not 'sheepish' (hint!)!
We had one of our oaks break apart in the storm earlier this week. It had a rotten hole in it that you couldn't see so we're cutting and hauling it today. Also scrubbing up the patio since all the Midges have finally gone. Now the Love Bugs are starting to show up! Ugh, the joys of living in Florida! So many Bugs!
My sweetheart and I celebrated our 34th Anniversary, tentatively, yesterday with a luncheon rendezvous! We're supposed to have a full date night this next week. Do you find yourself so much more in love with them than you ever were? I just cannot imagine life without him! (I'll try and remember to get a picture so you can see our ugly mugs, HA!)
Thanks for stopping by!
Have a wonderful weekend!



Colleen said...

Aren't those so cute. :) Congrats on the anniversary! Yes....we need to see your mugs. LOL! :)

Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

Congrats on the anniversary...and many more!!
Love those mammy dolls!!!! They are really cute!!!
I bought a little (pumpkin) needle felting kit just to see how hard it is and still haven't done it yet. Maybe when fall's knocking on the door, I'll get to it, so I can make more!!!! lol
Have a great week.