April 2, 2014

Anything Goes!

The Old Farmhouse Gathering Team has a CELEBRATION going on!
It's an ANYTHING GOES celebration so we have a little of everything!
Click on the LINK (Celebration) to find more wonderful things!
Meanwhile, let me share my 4 new items and a few others I'm doing.
You've met Sunshine!! He's so cute!
 This Cat Plaque is a design titled, "When's Dinner" by the talented Renee Mullins of PLUM PURDY.
Here is Chrissy the Christmas Mouse! Made from a pattern by Kim of ORP!
And last, but NEVER least, is "Just Jack".
He's one of my patterns and I'll share him later on this year.
I finished up my melons.....
....and am now completing the last of 3 sweet Bunnies from a pattern by Sweet Meadows Farm.
This is MariAnn with her little friend, Dibbles.
This one is Maribell with her little friend Toodles.
I'll be finishing up Marilynn with her little friend, Mimi.
I'll list them today in my Etsy shop!
Go to Etsy for some more wonderful finds from our talented Team!
I've got some Mother's Day Picture Sign Boards I'm making up now. I think I'll have a Giveaway with one of them so make sure you