July 3, 2014

My Box Runneth Over!

I have been a BUSY girl!! Good thing I took some time off for the summer because I wouldn't have been able to get all of this sewn up!

 13" Rag Dolls, Elves, Candy Corn, Sunflowers, Crows, Halloween Cats. Santa's.....this doesn't even show the 2 large Scarecrows and my Stump Witches! My fingers are numb from holding the needle! The good news is I'll be way ahead of my Holiday crafting!
I've got Inventory to do but I'll be ready to open back up at the end of July. I've been pre-cutting some wood for Teacher gifts and some popular Pumpkin Garlands. It's been a nice break and I've enjoyed the time to 'sit and sew'. Now it's time to get the paint brushes out and put some color on all this muslin! I'll have pictures to share with you this month and a cute little Owl Tutorial! Everyone is making them so why shouldn't I?!! I'm even going to try my hand at some paper clay crafting. Wish me luck!
Enjoy your Summer sewing!!