October 22, 2013


Hornswoggled, Bamboozled, roped and tied. That's what's happened to me!
My hubby and I were asked  tricked into taking on the Fall Festival at our Church! I thought I'd moved on to Red and Green colors, Heavenly beings, and that sort of thing but NOPE; we got HORNSWOGGLED!!
Here are a few pictures of some of my items for the pumpkin patch!

This little guy and his sister helped me do A LOT of painting! He likes the tree the best! It will have Fall leaves adhered to it and small holes drilled for lollipops. If the kids choose a lollipop with a colored end, they win a prize. Otherwise, they get the lollipop!
I've used my Paasche Airbrush and it's been fun! I've got lots of practice to get in but think it'll work out really good for me when I paint the larger items that I do.
I'll have to find some time to clean up the house. Probably not till Saturday....our Festival is on this Friday!
Our OFG Team is getting ready to CELEBRATE again!
We're sewing and painting our little fingers off so that we can show you what we're made of!! Keep your eyes open and get ready to see come Oct. 28th! I'll have another Giveaway then, too!
Stay Tuned!

October 8, 2013

Unfinished and NEW!

Isn't it Halloween yet? I have to laugh at myself as I keep producing things from my 'box' of UFO (unfinished objects!). I decided to complete a few items that had already been in there over a year. This is one of them!
 This is Imogene! She's a wooden doll. She took a LOT of time but I finally finished her this morning! Click on her link if you want to see more of her.
I also finished up another one of these. 
This is Boo Boo Kitty! The pattern is from Old Road Primitives. Kim's patterns are SO much fun to create as she does such a great job herself!
One last batch of Candy Corns!
 They smell SOOOOO good!
My daughter sent me this guy from Illinois. She came across a little Prim shop and fell in love with some of the goodies there! She knows how much I love to make it and collect it! She's starting to get the fever herself!
Creating Fall Scarecrows and some little meeces to go on my Candy Canes and Santa Hats!They, too, smell WONDERFUL!
These are from a Pattern Bin pattern from Samantha Flanders and the late Sandy Schmidt. I'm going to miss her when I go to McIntosh Festival in a few more weeks :(
It's yet to get cool down here but at least we've moved from the 90's to the mid 80's. Hoping we get to see some cooler temps around Halloween. Nothing worse than wearing your costume and sweating to death in it!
Thanks for stopping by!