March 9, 2013

Free Pattern for YOU!

(PDF Files are at the bottom of this post).
Instructions for Rosabelle Bunny Make-Do
By: Victoria Weaver

You’ll Need:
My Pattern
A bobbin of some kind
Fiberfill stuffing
Seasonal cotton fabrics
Appropriate threads/needles
Hot glue
Acrylic paints
16-19 gauge carbon steel wire
Ribbons and other assorted embellishments

How To:
Cut pattern out of muslin (seam allowance has been added to pattern). Turn the ears and add a piece of wire to the inside. This is optional as you can always use Fabric Stiffener to shape the ears. Sew the body except for the top of the head and leaving the bottom open for stuffing. With the body right sides together (not turned yet), place the ears inside the body with the bottom of the ears at the top of the head.

 Adjust the ears at the top of the head. Sew in place and then turn and stuff the body.
Sew arms and stuff them, too, but not all the way to the top. You can sew the arms to the body now or glue them later. Paint entire body with a watered-down brown color. I added Fabric Stiffener to the ears at this point and then hung her upside down to dry.
 Because her ears are so very long it would be best to bend them a bit.
Gather the bottom of the body and place her on a good and sturdy bobbin or base. I placed a bit of hot glue on the bobbin and gathered the bottom of the body with my hand to hold in place. Then I placed some more glue and wrapped some Sisal around the bottom, adding a dot of glue when needed.
Now get some Buttermilk acrylic paint and an old paint brush and dry brush her face. Don’t know how to dry brush?  Well, take a DRY Paint brush (or stencil brush) and dip it in a bit of paint and then rub off most of it on a paper towel. Then scrub it into the fabric. Dry brush some pink on the inside of her ears and then do her cheeks the same way when the Buttermilk is dry (I like to use stencil brushes for cheeks). Paint her eyes black with a float/wash of blue paint at the bottom when dry. Paint her nose pink. Her whiskers are strands of Sisal pulled through and tied at both entrance and exit. Add other details per your desires.
Her dress is ripped from cotton fabrics 4.5” x 20”. Gather at neck and glue in place. If you haven’t sewn the arms yet, then you can cut a small slit at the appropriate place in the dress for the arms and glue them to the body. Either way works fine. You’ll just have to cut slits for both options. Embellish her with ribbons, buttons, and Flowers……whatever you fancy!
Give her a name and she is DONE!
This pattern is yours to do what you want! Any questions? Leave me a comment or email me at Enjoy!



Fran. said...

Well look at you Vicky!! Fancy Schmancy!! Very Kewl!! THANKS for sharing!! XOXO Love Fran.

lilraggedyangie said...

So sweet of you to share Vicky !! Shes adorable . Hope you are well . hugs lil raggedy angie

sandy said...

Your bunny is so cute! And I already have bobbin spools! Sweet!

Tam said...

thanks something else to pin, you make the face painting sound so easy

Tam said...

Hi Vicki, I could download the instructions but the pattern said I don't have permission so I clicked ask for it just wanted to let you know

Shweet Sandi said...

Thanks Vicky it would not let mew download the pattern

The Moonlit Stitch said...

Oh sweet bunny Vicky! Thanks for sharing! You had me until I seen the professional looking painted face and got anxiety. LOL - She's awesome! ~*~Lisa

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How cute! I love your pretty faces! My bunny would have to have button eyes! lol

Laura Sweet said...

Great pattern, Vicky! She's so cute! Thank you for sharing:)


yorkie's primitives said...

Thanks Vicky! That bunny is just toooo cute! Hugs, Valerie

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Thanks so much Vicky, she is adorable <3

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I came back over to download the pattern. It's a nice cloudy morning...think I'll sew some! Sweet hugs!