December 3, 2012

WIP and a Reminder!

I've been working on some personal projects for myself.
I ordered some more wonderful dolls from Mona Rae of MRORIGINALS. You gotta stop by her Etsy shop HERE and see her beautiful crafts! Anyway, I'm hooked and ordered this pair.
Papa Kriss and his Beloved!
 They needed somewhere special to sit and so I had to make them a chair. 
I kept this relatively simple since that's how I do things in my little world!
I started off with some white pine.
Cut, sanded and glued first.
Brad nailer comes next. Actually, I used staples here.
Putting the back on.
Yes, I LOVE to sit on the ground and do a lot of my work. At 50 years old you'd think I'd do it a different way for the sake of my joints but NO. Old habits die hard with this ol' gal!
Now for some paint.
 Just a little Chocolate Brown acrylic mixed with some water. Yes, I made a nice batch so I could paint up some other pieces.
Let's see how the couple likes it.
I do believe these 2 will make our Christmas brighter....mine anyway!
Just a reminder that my GIVEAWAY is still going on! Click HERE or go to the post below to sign up! I've reached 400 Followers, THANKYOUVERYMUCH, so I'll be offering ONE more item. I'll show you in a day or two when I "git-r-dun"!
Don't forget about the OFG Team's Etsy Celebration! Click on the button at the top of my right side bar to view some WONDERFUL creations by our oh so very talented team!!
Until then....
Stay Tuned!


Mona Rae said...

I love their bench, you must post a picture of them on the bench on my business FB page. I want all of my Family of Customers to see what you have done. Thank You so much.

Mona Rae

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Too cute Vicky!

Kim said...

Love Mona Rae's dolls! Your little bench is perfect for them too :) I work on the floor a lot too, usually with Jack between my legs. I am jealous that you are still wearing short sleeves, capris, and flip flops!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You're my kind of gal...get out and get it done! I love your little bench and these precious dolls! Off to follow your link! Enjoy your day! It's nice to be able denim capris...that's what I have on today, too! Oh...and sit on the ground and work! lol Hugs!

Trace4J said...

Oh Mama and Papa Claus!
Love them and the awesome bench you made for the too.
Woolie Hugs

Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

Those dolls are really cute!!!

And the bench........That just sets the couple off!!!! lol

I was running around today without a coat on!!!! 62 degrees up here in PA!!!! I would have had flip flops on too, if I was home!!!

yorkie's primitives said...

Love your Santa and Mrs Claus!! Love the chair too! You are very talented, Valerie