October 27, 2012

An Annual Event!

I went to the 1890's Festival in McIntosh today! It's pretty windy here with Hurricane Sandy off the East Coast of Florida but otherwise a great day to go shopping! I was able to visit 4 of my fav places and get some treasures they offered. I get tickled hearing people say, "I can make that. Look how easy that is. You could do that with no problem". And then you hear the replys, "I've always wanted to learn that technique. Maybe we could get Lowe's to cut the wood. Wonder what kind of paint they use?" As easy as something may seem, it's not as easy when it comes to actually doing it. For example....a friend of mine wanted one of these last year.
We meant to go back and get one but we were soon out of money, not to mention energy! We got back home and I couldn't remember what wood they used....nor could I get the composition just right. So this year, I bought one. I've looked for a pattern for this guy but couldn't ever find one so looks like I'll make up my own. I think they've used some kind of cedar picket fencing. Sure makes sanding a cinch!
For those of you who know Sandy Schmidt of THE OLDE COUNTRY CUPBOARD, she had a booth there. Here are a few things I got from her.
 This is a new Snowman! She didn't have his pattern but I'll wait for it to come up on her website. She had sold out of all of her Raggedies and didn't bring her patterns with her for fear of getting things wet. You just never know what these storms are going to do until they get here.
Samantha, her daughter had plenty of her Tarts though!
I like to include these in some of my packages as a "Thank You". Her Tarts have such a great smell and last a really long time!
I can't remember the name of this other Gal but I ALWAYS buy a Raggedy from her. This year I bought these 3 cuties!
This Santa is quite large and used up the last of my $$.
Look at the little Ginger girl and her grater!! LOVE at first sight! She told me, "Now don't forget to give them hugs!" If only she knew how often I hug my babies!!!
And, my last purchase was a bag full of these!
$30 worth of spools! I was going to go back and get a few more with the thread wrapped around them but never did as it was the last road in the far back....and I was just dead tired by the time I was finished.
Well, I am now broke and feeling a bit selfish as I didn't buy anything except the Snowman for someone else.
It was my birthday money after all so I should be selfish...I think!!!
Getting a new Giveaway up with a new Garland for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday!
As always,


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I couldn't wait for this post...I needed a report on the show of the year! I sure hated to miss it! You sound so much like me....I think I'll go back if I have money left but then I'm so tired and hungry....not to mention broke! heehee! I'm glad you found things for yourself..you deserve them! You do so much for your family and others all year round. The ginger doll lady doesn't have a website or Etsy store, does she? She would have been my fav...oh and everything that Sandy makes! heehee! Get some REST! Sweet hugs!

cucki said...

Aww everything is so sweet xxx

BumbleBeeLane said...

Lots of goodies...Sweet of you to buy the snowman for your friend.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Barb said...

Hi Vicky,
How Fun and good for you on spending money on YOU!!!
Love all your treasures.
Enjoy your evening and stay dry!

Carol Stuck said...

Hi Vicky: I wish I could have joined in the fun. I think you came home with some great goodies. I love the raggedies, santa and am very fond of the spools. What a great find! Thanks for sharing your amazing day.


SweetPepperRose said...

sweet Christmas finds! love the large snowman head!


My friend and I went too, I bought some bobbins too, I noticed that he went up on the price though! I almost bought that gingerbread doll, but ended up some pinkeeps from her. Enjoy your goodies.

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Hi Vicky - Looks like you had a blast today. Love your raggedies and Santa.
Hope your swap package doesn't float or get blown away with this storm coming!

Shirlee said...

Oh wow! Great stuff! My friend & I used to sell at craft shows & remember so well those comments from people as they'd look at everyone's offerings. I remember once someone remarking "$8.00 for this?!?!? I could make it myself!" My friend said "Well, make it yourself then." Including a tart ... or anything else really ... in a package as a little thank you gift is a really nice gesture : )

Firecracker Kid said...

You've got yourself all stocked up for more creating now. We're in the zone for this historic storm. Hoping our electricity stays on.