November 29, 2011

OFG Giveaway!

Go sign up to win some lovely wintery items! Just in time for Christmas! Our gift to you........


Don't forget to sign up for mine in the post below! 


November 25, 2011

CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY---Last one until next Year!! (CLOSED)

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I've got my last GIVEAWAY to share with all of you! I've been busy putting together some new designs and some "inspired" designs. I've found some great patterns and have made some cute things to share with you.
I've got a friend who loves to bake. She bakes for family, friends, her small business, and THERAPY! She's not only a good friend but also a great customer! This past summer she was talking about all of the baking she'd been doing and it inspired me to create something. I LOVE can find a few on my Etsy so, with one in mind, I created this one!
 I usually join my Garlands together with black wire but thought it much more appropriate to use Baker's Twine with this one! The candy ornaments are from the Dollar Tree! I promise I painted the other ones!
Nancy Girl, you've got one coming to your home! I can't be inspired by someone and NOT send them one now can I?!!!  Don't forget to ALSO sign up for the Giveaway, too! Come and visit Nancy on her 'SUPERMOM' blog! She's so 'no nonsense' and funny in a sarcastic kind of way. My kinda Gal!
You can also choose to have a Garland in this Giveaway (all of the cookies are decorated differently on each Garland so no one is exactly the same) or browse through the rest of these pictures and tell me which one you'd like to have in a comment. You'll see the rules at the end!!

My newest design made from a cedar fence board. I didn't even bother sanding this as I LOVE the texture!
Snowman Make-Do: about 15 1/2" tall and sits on an old vintage spool that's been painted black.
Lil' Johnny Jingle! Since he's just starting out in Santa's workshop, his hat's a bit too big for his little elf self !
My 14" Santa Doll from a pattern of Sandy's at The Olde Country Cupboard.
Another pattern from Sandy. Large Santa Make-Do (about 19" tall on a beehive spindle)
Oh, my little man is simply adorable! He's only 5 1/2" tall and he'll come with a couple of 'extra' ornaments for your tree!
My "Be Merry" blocks cut from 1.5 pine. The vinyl is Dk Green.
Well, did you find something you'd like to have?
I sure hope so!
Here are the rules!
For 2 chances:
1. Be a follower. New followers are welcome!
2. Tell me what you'd like in a comment.
You can stop there or for 
2 more chances: 
3 and 4. Place this on your blog's sidebar, FB, or Tweet it.
That's it!
I'm going to choose 2 winners!
I'll run this until DEC. 5th.
Come back that Monday morning and I'll tell you who my winners are!
Don't forget that I'm offering 15% in my Etsy store right now until Tuesday the 29th. Look at my right side bar for my Etsy mini. Look for more participating stored in my post below. ALSO, don't forget the PAFA Giveaway found on my right side bar, too!
As always, I appreciate your support!
HUGS to you all!

November 24, 2011

Participating OFG Shops

Here is a list of links to all participating in the sale from the OFG Team!
Just type in the code: OFGthanksyou2011 at check out if you find something in these participating shops. And, BELIEVE ME, there is PLENTY to like!!!

November 23, 2011

"Token Of Thanks"

I'll be offering 15% off! Come shop Etsy for some WONDERFUL 'Handmades' and support small business America!
Type in this code at check out starting tomorrow!

November 21, 2011

New Patterns

I wanted to share with you a pattern that I recently purchased. Tawny over at The Primitive Nook is quite the talented lady! She's very primitive in her artistry...I'm not but I'm making it work with something I call "PRIMSY". Yeh, I like THAT word. Primsy is Primitive + Whimsy! My kind of artistry!!
I enlarged the pattern by 50% and added a bit more color than she. I don't 'coffee stain' my pieces but I color wash them with a brown acrylic paint. They still have that 'stained' look and I don't have to smell the coffee....blech, blech! My apologies to all of you coffee drinkers!
I'm also making cookies. No, not the kind that make your kitchen smell so good and your fat pants fit!
I've got something special to share with you the day after Thanksgiving! I hope you like it!
Stay tuned!

November 19, 2011

Shop Handmade for Christmas!

Just an example of the wonderful goodies you can find on Etsy from the PAFA Team's "Winter Wonderland" Celebration!

Click on this link to find more!

Buy at least one thing Handmade for Christmas! Support 'Small Business America' and get someone on your list a special gift!


November 16, 2011

Finishing Up!

I announced a winner on my FB Page.
Here's what those pieces of wood turned into.
The truth is they could be ALL of those things that were listed. If it's something YOU can see then it can be done! I LOVE seeing something through another person's eyes! I've also drawn up a Scarecrow pattern for these for next year. SO very easy to make from dog-eared cedar fence posts. I didn't even sand them! LOVE the rough texture and dry brush technique! I cut the nose from 1/4" birch plywood and then added lots of Sno Tex. Lots of fun and SUPER FAST & EASY!!
The remainder of my table.....
It's getting done and it's nice not to be stressed about it!
The PAFA Team is going to have a new Celebration starting this Friday. I'll be sure to announce it but meanwhile get over to the Pafa Team's Blog and SIGN UP for this great Giveaway!
My last Giveaway will be launched soon. It's a nice one with some choices for you. I hope you


November 15, 2011

A FaceBook Giveaway!

Good morning, dear friends!
I've posted on my FB page a little Giveaway/Contest. If you'd like to participate, then you need to 'like' my FB page HERE and leave me a comment!
NO, I didn't say lick my page I said "LIKE" my page.......
(My FB Badge is also over on my right sidebar!)
Winner will be announced TOMORROW!!


November 10, 2011

Have you Noticed These?

Over here...
To the right....
Yeh, you see 'em now, don't you! 
The first one is brand new and from the PAFA Team.
to sign up! You just might win ALL of these lovely Winter/Christmas items!

Don't forget the Christmas Ornament Treasuries from the OFG Team. They are the 2nd and 3rd pictures....
you guessed it! TO THE RIGHT! Click on them and it will take you where you need to go to sign up!
Of course, there are also a few more Giveaways to be had so have fun checking out the 'others', too!
Wanted also to share a few things that I finished the other day from my box.
Hey, I'm no 'Firecracker Kid' but this ain't too bad!
This guy needs a name!
Hmmmmmmm, must be all of that Florida sunshine!
Looking forward to 'gobbling' him up!
Stay Tuned!


November 7, 2011

Finishing Up

I've only got a few more things left on my table to finish painting. I promised myself I'd stop mid-November so I could be stress-free for my family and my own 'peace of mind'. 
These are some of my items I've just completed.
I take them out in flat boxes and spray them down (with Krylon Matte Spray) before assembling. I still have another 4 boxes to finish up and then I'll drag my 'feet' on the assembly part for a few days, at least!
I've also completed all of my sewing and am now 'stuffing' and 'clothing' my pieces.
Primitive Ginger men, candy canes, Santas, Turkeys, and the Holy Family are all in this box and being completed for gifts. I might save one or two for my Etsy. We'll see.
I'm still battling a cold and loss of voice. While it's annoying to me, my family is loving the quiet. I am a LOUD person and seem to be the last one to realize it! I think it goes along with being so darned TALL!
Hope you're getting your Holidays organized and not fretting over them. It's just not worth it to you or your family to carry that burden at a time that we should be giving "Thanks" and celebrating.
I'll have my last Giveaway in another week so.......
Stay Tuned!!


November 2, 2011

Had Enough of the Make-Do's?

Sorry if you're getting tired of these but I'm just getting started!
I've got plans for a Santa, bunnies, a chick, Uncle Sam, and maybe a flower or two!
This little guy was made the same as my Christmas Ornament.
I added some Homespun at his neck instead of the wire ribbon and sat him on one of the spools I'd bought from the McIntosh Festival.
He's in my Etsy Shop (which you can find over on my right sidebar).
I'm having so much fun making these that I just can't stop planning!
You can find my ornament......
You can also find another 16 wonderful ornaments HERE!
These are free (from the Old Farmhouse Gathering Team) to 4 winners so do not hesitate to sign up!
(Also found on my upper right sidebar where it says 'Trim the Tree with OFG'!)
All you need is an Etsy account which is NOTHING to get!
I'm sewing and painting and sewing and painting and hope to have a Giveaway to share with you in a few weeks. It will be memorable as it will be the last one for the year for me. SOMEONE has to prepare Christmas for these twins, ya know!!
Hope life is treating you well!
Stay tuned!!