December 31, 2009

Trying To Finish...

...a painting for Becky. I have one more landscape to do after this one and then I'm taking some time to paint a few pics with single subjects in them. I've already 'earmarked' a mockingbird on a fence post as my first.

Hopefully, I can have this one done by early next week. It's already taken me too long but I've been devoting an awful lot of time to my decorative woodcrafts.
I'm looking forward to a new year filled with lots of time for painting...of course, this will come after the twins are in school in the fall!
Happy New Year to one and all!

December 11, 2009


SO many things to make for Christmas! I made a good dent in my wood pile but still SO MUCH to cut out and have ready for inventory next year!
This is just a small sample of some of my Christmas favorites with a few new ones included. Hope you like them!

I Love My side says this...
...and the other side says this!

My "North Pole Santa" painted differently. Do you like the plaid? I Do!
Angelica the split-legged Angel
This is 'Prissy' from Susan Jill Hall's designs. I made one in Christmas colors and the other a Snow Queen.
A Nativity Pot.
This photo does not do justice to my 'Christmas Carol'.
Count Down Santa
Candy Cane door hanger
I bought some of these 'iron' works years ago and am just now using them.

Oh my, but this guy sells every time! I didn't have any yellow feathers so I need to go and get them. He makes me think of Sylvester!

Play my game one more time this year!
Leave me a comment with your name to win.
(ie: Vicky Weaver)
Want a second chance to win?
Leave me ANOTHER comment with your name telling me what you want for Christmas!
(ie: Vicky Weaver: I want some new paint brushes)
Check back with me on Monday to see if you've won. I'm giving away two things unless a previous winner is chosen and then I will pick a third.
Limited to the US, please.
Thanks everyone!!

Vicky :0)