June 25, 2015

Now I'M a Winner!

Look what I won from Lorena at Rose Chic Friends!
Oh my, but you should see the painting on the candles! Everything is so well made and came packaged beautifully! So lovely!
You can also find her here on her Etsy!
Stop by and see her beautiful handmade work!
Love finding new friends in Cyber Space!

June 22, 2015

WINNER for My Supply Giveaway!

Sorry for the late post! Internet doesn't seem to want to work for me this morning so I've moved my computer to the table. Random.org chose my winner for me and it is HILLTOPHOMESTEADER. As soon as I contact her and get her info I'll be sending out this box of wood supplies.
I've got another post to write and will do that for tomorrow.
BIG THANKS to those of you who signed up! I appreciate you stopping by and for your continued support!
Have a great day!

June 16, 2015

In the Midst of June........

WOW! We're in the middle of June already!
 The old adage 'Time flies while you're having fun' does not apply here. I've actually been painting the interior of my home. So far, I've finished up the trim in our daughter's room. Yeah, I'm not really moving very fast.We're getting ready to lay down some new carpeting for her. I'm still trying to convince my husband that wood floors, as we have in most of our home, would be more appropriate for a 10 year olds room. Well, I'm still trying to convince him as he's set on carpet in the bedrooms.
We also have new countertops in the kitchen so the cabinets, which had already been painted on when we moved in, need to have a new coat of paint. Last but not least. I have to paint the walls in the living area. Sigh....The paint is purchased along with new curtains and some decorative pieces to hang up. I'm dragging my feet. Yes, I do all of the painting. I'm growing less fond of this type of painting, however.
The kids have been out of school for a few weeks and are having a great time.

 Lots of swim time and a day playing on the big slide plus playing with the neighbor twins on the days they come out to the lake. Ahhhhhh, to be young and carefree again!
I haven't been decorative painting or sewing at all. I've taken time to go through some closets and got rid of things I've no use for. Might need them tomorrow or next week as that's the way 'Murphy's Law' works but my closets are a bit lighter!
I wanted to remind you about my SUPPLY GIVEAWAY.
It's the post below this one or just click HERE. A winner will be announced on Monday. (USA participants only, please.)
Today is just another day for us. I guess I'll get started on those dreaded kitchen cabinets (said while whimpering, whining, and gnashing teeth!). I stopped believing in Fairies a long time ago.
Have a great day!

June 1, 2015


School's almost out....only a few more days and the kids will be free for the summer. Lots of swimming goes on around here. We'll have 'movie' Fridays, Beach Vacays, and Disney dates with Dad. I'll be okay until the 1st of August. Then you'll hear me scream.....and yell......and holler and wish school was back in. Of course, at that time, their will only be 2 more weeks of vacation left. Then I'll wonder where the Summer went. Isn't that  the way of things?
Everyone was bragging about their kids on FB. Mine got this award, mine got that award. Well, darn it all, so did mine! Too many to name including A/B Honor Roll but the 'BIG' one was STUDENT OF THE YEAR! Both of them received it from 2 different teachers!
(My kids are on each end)
We're so proud of them and the efforts that were made by them this year. Can't believe they'll be 5th Graders this next year.
My custom work orders are finished and I'm not doing anymore until the kids get back to school. I'm tired. The shop is still open and I'll ALWAYS be creating but I've got to take time for some home repairs and painting. Plus, I need some play time, too!
Speaking of play time, I've found a new medium.
I ordered some of this from Amazon.
I've also been watching You Tube videos.
I thought I'd start with gourds and birds.
I'll let you know how it goes.
Here's my Supply Giveaway.
A large flat rate box FULL of painting surfaces and small wood pieces. This is just a small, minute part of what I have. I should hang my head in shame for having so much but instead, I'll share my bounty with you! Yes, I know their are FB pages where this can be sold and no, I don't want to deal with that.
If you'd like a chance to win this, please leave me a comment. Make sure I have a way to contact you, too. If you want to share this post, then please do and I'll count you twice! Just let me know where you're sharing it!
This needs to stay within the boundaries of the USA so please, only comment if you live in the States.
 This Giveaway is open until Monday, June 22nd at which time I'll announce a winner sometime that morning EST.
Thanks for your support by Following my Blog. I hope your summer is fun-filled, your troubles few, and the screaming waits until school starts again!