June 17, 2014

Taking Off a Little Time

I usually take off this time of year. The kids are out of school and I normally need a break from all of the orders. This year has been especially demanding with my Etsy. I said I wouldn't let it get to be 'work' so it's important for me to recognize when I need to stop and take a rest.
Now that doesn't mean I'm being idle! I've been working with some 8-11 year old girls (like Girl Scouts but we call them Activity Day Girls) and they've been keeping me busy. We had a great time last Friday at our Daddy/Daughter "GONE FISHIN" Activity.
I should've taken a closer pic. The 'Fish Bowls' were made up with the glass marbles from the $ Tree and some fun little ugly wooden fish I made (my 8 year old daughter painted)! It all set on a green burlap mat with plastic sea creatures and a GONE FISHIN sign. Each table had a pack of GO FISH cards.

"SHARKY" --the photo booth! He ate a lot of heads!

$ Tree nets for the table and some of my own décor at home. These tables were filled with 'Chicken' dishes as the girls said they didn't want ANYTHING 'fishy' to eat. Watermelon, salads, green beans, and rolls completed the menu.

I've also cut, sewn, and prepared dolls for Fall and Christmas sales, and am currently working on some Women's 'clothing accessory' pieces to sell this year.
These were the last pieces I'd finished before shutting down.

I sold the Bee Skep right away to a return customer. Guess I'll have to make another one. It's made from a pattern that I adapted by Oodlekadoodle.
I've already cut some small wooden plaques for the girls to paint tomorrow. Going to teach them a little Decoupage. Should be fun and educational.....for me, too!
Hope your summer is going well. We're getting LOTS of rain but that always a good thing when you live on a lake!!