May 28, 2013

A Memorable Day!

Good morning Blogging Friends!
Another beautiful day to be had on our Lake this morning. 
We spent a memorable day yesterday with some good friends that we haven't had time to be with in a while. I LOVE having the kind of company that just comes and pitches in! Makes the day that much more enjoyable since I didn't have to spend my time 'entertaining' and doing for others.
I have a WINNER announced on my FB page for my Mystery Giveaway. A LOT of guesses for an angel, one for a rooster, a bunny, and some flying pigs! Here's what it turned out to be!
Super cute Market Piggy from a Pattern by Kentucky Primitives that I bought from Pattern Mart.
I've also been 'nodding' off a bit. No, not the kind of nodding that 'face plants' you in your paint palette! This is the kind of  'nodding' I'm referring to!
My first Nodder! Yep! I got the sunflower pattern from Tawny Bell over  at The Primitive Nook and the crow pattern from Threadbare Primitives. I bought the old Rusted bed spring from the Overstock group on FB. The digital tag was purchased from Deena at Ewe-n- Me Printables. She's also on Etsy HERE.
I'm winding down by finishing up the Teacher Blocks. Got one more order over the weekend for one and need to finish my kid's teachers gifts. After that I'm quieting down (on Etsy) for the Summer. The kids will be out of school and I don't want to spend all of my time sitting at the computer and worrying about shipping and orders getting out. PLUS, I just need a break!!
Hope you're able to wind down and enjoy your summer, too. I'll still be crafting....I'll ALWAYS be crafting!
Stay Tuned for my Summer Giveaway here on my blog!

May 20, 2013

Summer FUN Celebration!

Type in SFCOFG in the Etsy search bar to see more wonderful treasures from our talented OFG Team members!

May 18, 2013

A Giveaway Win, A New Celebration, and Some Red, White, & Blue!

OH, but I've been so very busy these last few weeks. Between Teacher Appreciation and 'end of the school year' I've been swamped with orders for personalized Teacher gifts. Although many of you would say this is great for business, it's not for me personally because I now find myself working......and I don't like my 'hobby' to become work. Yes, I could've said no to 17 orders of Teacher Name blocks but I didn't.Vacation mode is right around the corner for me so I know my break is coming. Here are a few things that have kept me busy outside of the teaching hemisphere!
 My Uncle Sam Make-Do is ready for our newest OFG Team Celebration starting on Monday.
 Finishing up some Melons for my Summer Inventory.
 Another piece to add to the Summer Celebration!
We'll be getting started with all of our newest creations on Monday, May 20th. I'll have some finsihed products to show you and share some of my fellow Team mates goodies, too!
I won a Giveaway from Kelly of  SCARECROW CABIN. Here is what she sent me.....
 Wrapped up so nicely it was so fun to peek through all of the papers!
Lovely prim pieces to go in my bowl and hang around on my shelves! Thank you SO MUCH, Kelly!
I've also got a Mystery Giveaway going on now on my FB page. Go over and look for this picture and sign up under it.
 Don't forget to tell me what you think it might be. It ends June 3rd!
Well, I've fed the kids and have the laundry started. My machine is just about dead and stops in the middle of the cycle a few times. Hubby comes home on Thursday and he'll replace it for me as I've been hitting the darned thing for a month now!
More to come so Stay Tuned!

May 12, 2013

Spring Doll Challenge

I entered Wendy's (Ravenwood Whimzies) Spring Doll Challenge. Wendy gave us a doll pattern that she'd made up and challenged us to do something with it. I actually have 2 but one of them is a bit nekkid so she'll have to wait until she's not so x-rated!
Anyway, thought I'd show you some pics of the one I finished since the Challenge is over with today.

I painted her green and then hand painted her face. Her legs are striped with purple and orange. I modified her shoes to look like a Witch's boot. Her hat is hand made from felt with pip berries glued to it. Her hair is dyed gray wool roving. I've used 3 different fabrics for her dress and orange with black polka dots fabric for her pantaloons. She has a ratty old piece of dyed cheesecloth tied around her neck with a rusty pin and jingle bell. Her broom is a cinnamon stick with raffia and sisal. I haven't made her a tag yet and still want to make her a kitty cat to finish the look. I'll probably list her on Etsy sometime in the fall.
THANK YOU, WENDY, for issuing the challenge to us. I'm still learning, however, your pattern was super easy to use!
Take a look over at Wendy's blog to see some of the other dolls the gals have made.
Hope your having a wonderful Mother's Day. Mine has been just about perfect!

May 3, 2013

Pre Celebration Fun!

Ahhhhhhh, Friday is here! I LOVE the weekends and getting to sleep in on Saturday morning!

 Of course, sleeping in for me is not getting up until 7:00 a.m. around here! 
It's been raining, thank goodness, for the last few days. We need it so badly here and I'm praying for a LOT more!
I'm working on some items for our upcoming OFG "SUMMER FUN" Celebration! We're already experiencing temps of high 80's and low 90's around here so for us, it's just around the corner. I know many of you are still waiting for SPRING! 
I LOVE the colors of Summer and am working on Melons, Crows, and these!
I've been baking up a storm and my kitchen smells of vanilla and cinnamon. This last picture is also part of my FB Mystery Giveaway. I'll post a winner and a picture of the finished piece on Monday, May 6th. Still time to sign up....just go to my rt. sidebar and click on the first picture. Then LOOK for the same picture and leave your comment for a chance to win. Think I'll actually give away 2 of these!
Enough of this as I've a ceiling to paint. The walls will be next in a nice girlie pink...for our 7 year old daughter. Carpet will be replaced after that and then we can put everything back together! It's a bit sad for me as I'm covering up the paintings that were once the Nursery for the twins. I'll show you before and after once I'm done!
Hope your day is a good one!