September 30, 2012

Something to Talk About!

I slowed down a bit this past week.....well, from creating more anyway! I still had orders to fill but had to take some time to pay attention to this house/yard of mine. Just too fun to sit and create instead of be responsible!
Here's 2 of my recent creations!
 My Witches Hat Centerpiece!
 This pattern is adapted from a pattern by My Saltbox Primitives.

 And Mr. Snoozles named by my 7 year old son!
 Mr. Snoozles was made from a pattern by The Olde Country Cupboard.

 I want to tell you about a FUN GIVEAWAY that Brenda over at THE RUSTY THIMBLE is having!
A few of us crafters have gotten together with her and we're offering some amazing, NO, fabulous, NO, spectacular, Well shoot, how about all 3.....AMAZING, FABULOUS, SPECTACULAR Winter/Christmas Items! And all you'll have to do is SIGN up! 

I'll tell you about it tomorrow or you can go by Brenda's blog HERE and find out more!
Later in the week I'll be announcing another CELEBRATION  from the ever-so-talented OFG Team so......

September 24, 2012

The BIG 50.....and A Winner!

Good morning my Blogging Friends!
it's that day that rolls around once a year for each of us.

Today is mine and I am 50!
No time for crafting today as I've got a morning full of climbing Mt. Laundry. Great way to spend a birthday, right?! My fault as I've neglected my house lately......doing only the necessary bare essentials. 

I've got a winner for my September Giveaway.
Please help me congratulate VALERIE of YORKIES PRIMITIVES!
Congrats, VAL!! I'm pretty sure I've got your addy so hang on to your horses while I package up your Witch Boots Centerpiece and send it off to you!

Thank you one and all for your continued support! I truly appreciate each and every one of you who think enough of me and my work to follow this blog.
Brenda Griffith over at the RUSTY THIMBLE is putting together a very large Giveaway and I'm including a special little doll for it so that will be part of my October Giveaway. I'm thinking I'll have one on my FB, too, so make sure you go over and 'like' my page (badge is on my right sidebar). 
Also, the OFG Team (Old Farmhouse Gathering), is gearing up for a "Christmas Winter Wonderland Celebration" so stay tuned for more information!
Alright, enough computer time. Kids are running out of britches and I promised myself a few days of clean up around here!
Hope the FALL season is upon you. We're still swatting Love Bugs and running the AC. Ah well, we do love our summers not to mention the 'no snow' thing!

September 19, 2012

My Swap Package!

I'm participating in Amy's, of Bumble Bee Lane Cottage, Fall Swap. I got 2 partners and received one of my packages from Granny Trace on Monday. Oh dear, WHAT a spoiled, rotten person she made me into!!!
 Wrapped up so pretty! She could've just stopped there!
EEEEEEEEEKKKKK!! A bowl full of woolie apples---and the bowl, too!!!
This beautifully quilted Table mat (I'm calling it a Table Mat cause it's sitting in the center of my table with some pumpkins, etc) a prize catch!
Along with this adorable wool pillow! Seriously people, TOTALLY ROTTEN!
AND Yankee Candles!! She got this Swap package JUST RIGHT!!
Thank you SO MUCH Trace for the WONDERFUL goodies and also to AMY for hostessing this fantastic SWAP! 
Sending my packages out today! Sure hope they like them!
Don't forget about my Giveaway! Look to my right sidebar for the picture of the Witches Boots!
Stay Tuned!

September 14, 2012

Do You See What I See?

No, I'm not singing Christmas songs....yet! But I will be soon enough!
I stopped by my sweet Mother-in-Laws house yesterday on my way home from taking my daughter to the doctor. Yes, I'm one of the lucky ones that has an AWESOME MIL! Anyway, she'd recently been to visit her sisters in Tennessee and she brought me back some Fabrics!
That cream color is a type of heavy muslin. PERFECT for dolls and Prims alike!
All of these are 60" wide and a LOT of yardage!
I'm seeing a Snowman Jacket from these knits. And a HUGE ball of cording that will be a great addition to the bottom of a Santa coat! That blue knit will make some great pants for my snowman, too!
This orange is good for some pumpkins and I have yards of it!
   Red velvet, some red organza, and peppermint striped knit!
Boy, am I SEEING Santas!!
A HUGE roll of Light red Velvet! Perfect for SnowBelle!
Who is SnowBelle? Well you haven't met her yet but she's going to be from a pattern I recently purchased from Old Road Primitives.
And yes, I bought a pattern for me 'cause I'm sick to death of trying to find something to wear other than a prairie skirt! I don't like the graphic prints they have in the stores:(  I'm also very tall so most of the dresses that come to a normal person's knees, comes clear up above mine. Plus, I'm looking for a basic royal blue dress to show off my pretty sapphires from my hubby! No, I'm not a Diamond girl! You KNOW I like color!!
Don't forget about my Giveaway on the 24th. Sign up HERE!
Stay Tuned!

September 11, 2012

Halloween WIPs

Good morning Blogging Friends!
I'm quite pleased with myself this a.m.! I'm sitting here typing to you with a smile on my face 'cause the last of my Halloween is being completed! 
I ACTUALLY finished everything that I had planned and even a bit more for the October Festivities!!

These 2 'beauties' (pattern from MY PRIMITIVE SALTBOX) need their hats, a spider, and a spooky tag!

That's a Halloween wooden Witch doll made with wire and a pretty dress and 2 Pocketfuls waiting for the rest of their embellishments!
I've LOVED making these guys (pattern adapted from OLD ROAD PRIMITIVES)! The one on the left is in my Etsy store but the one on the table is for a Swap...sssssshhhhhhhh....don't say anything as someone might be peeking!
Another Scarecrow, some apples from THE PRIMITIVE NOOK, and the last witch head that will be a full fledged Doll....Broom and cat included!
And last of all to finish are my arms and legs.
No, not my PERSONAL arms and legs but these....
I HATE stuffing these skinny things and I save them until the last minute!
DON'T FORGET about my current GIVEAWAY HERE!
As Always,

September 7, 2012

My September Giveaway! (CLOSED)

Here it is...just as I promised! Although I do have a few more pieces to make and a couple of Swap partners to satisfy, I'm moving Halloween out of the way. I'll finish a couple of Turkeys and a Fall Leaf Garland that I just LOVE, but it's time to  make room for the red and green!
This is my September Giveaway!

I made you a Centerpiece for your table!
2 muslin Witches boots on a slab of wood. Decorated and embellished with silk florals and Preserved Sweet Annie. A hand made Digital tag by Deena Davis. It's a keeper!
This one has a bit more floral than my original piece found HERE.
Do you like it? Well, let's play my game!! You already know how! 
1. Are you a follower? Become one if you're not!
2. Leave me a comment on this post! 
3. Post this on your sidebar, tweet , FB or do whatever you need to for some helpful advertising! You know I'll count you in for helping!
4. What's your favorite Halloween Treat?
Well, that's 4 chances! Do one or all, you choose!
This Giveaway is open to U.S. citizens and Canadian friends.
I'll choose a winner on my Birthday, September 24 (that's a Monday!)! I'll be 50! Already got my AARP discount in the mail! Free coffee at McDonalds......oh, wait, I don't drink coffee. Guess I'll have to find another reason to be happy at 50!!!
Stay tuned!

September 5, 2012

Have to Share!

I got a package in the mail!
 It 'jingled'! I giggled!
Let me show you what I got!
 This is Glenda!
This is Jeb!
They come from MR Originals on Etsy, HERE.
I CANNOT express enough to you the QUALITY of these dolls!! Absolutely gorgeous! She has also written a 'story' for each of her dolls and they are just wonderful to read! She truly loves what she does! 
I sure hope you take a moment to stop by and browse her shop. Don't forget to give her a favorite while you're there! 
Alright now...scoodle-doo!

September 4, 2012

FB GIveaway Winner

Just a quick post to let you know I've got a WINNER on my FB Giveaway!
...this is what you won!!
Email me your address at so I can get this big feller off to you!!
Stay Tuned....
Got another Giveaway coming here!

September 1, 2012

FB Mystery Giveaway!

I've got a little Mystery Giveaway over on my FB page.

If you've got a minute, go on over and sign up.
Winner will be announced on Sept. 4th!
Stay Tuned!