December 31, 2012

I've Been Thinking....

Contemplating, actually. 
I've had my sketch pad out and I've also been doodling on scrap paper.
Ive got Cupcakes and Hearts on the brain as well as Easter.
I already have an Easter Garland in my Etsy Shop....
.......but I thought a "Peeps" Garland would be cute to add.
Not much else has been going on. I've truly taken a break and it's felt good to sit back and enjoy the family. We've had almost 2 full weeks with my hubby and we've loved every minute of it!
I'm breaking out the sewing machine today to sew up some hearts and some doll pieces. It's been cold here the past few days and I haven't been able to pull out my oils....I like to go outside when I do that as I'm quite messy! Soon as it warms up this afternoon, I'll get my Saws and Sanders out to cut my new Garlands. Not thinking too far in advance but I'm sure I'll warm up as soon as the weather does!
Thank you  SO MUCH for your support of my artistic efforts in 2012! I look forward to 'typing' with you again this next year and offering you more of my goods in various Giveaways!
Wishing all of you a very SAFE and WONDERFUL New Year!

December 20, 2012

Vacation Time!

Good morning dear blogging friends!
I've been enjoying my 'vacation' somewhat. I took the kids out yesterday while my Respite Angel took care of our handicapped daughter. We shopped all morning and enjoyed some lunch at Applebees. But the best part of the day is we got it ALL DONE! 
My table is empty....for the most part anyway.
I have a box of 'unfinished items' I cleared off of it and promised myself I'd get to the first of the year.
I've been sewing up some PJ pants for my little boy. He LOVES his PJs and picked out some Scooby Doo, Sponge Bob, and Cars material so I could make him some.
I received some goodies in the mail this week!
Valerie Richardson of Yorkies Primitives sent me these cute bowl fillers, ornies, and waxed pine cones from her Giveaway that I won. She also sent this.....
Val, the kids just LOVE this!! So much fun to make up your Snowman on the fridge, especially since we'll not have ANY snow in sight!
Also got a cute Christmas ornament from a sweet cyber friend.
Thank you SO much, Barb!
On the agenda today is Christmas Cards....yes, I'm a bit late getting them out.....wrapping gifts, and letting the kids paint their salt dough ornies that they cut out .
SO much for my vacation, right?! Well, I had to close down my Etsy so I could make time for this kind of fun!!
Hope your Holiday Season is special and you find time to enjoy some down time with your loved ones. After all, isn't that TRULY what it's all about?!

December 14, 2012

Face Book Giveaway (CLOSED)

Good morning Blogging Friends!
I'm having my last Face Book Giveaway
Go and leave a comment for me so I can enter you for a chance to win this little box of ornies.
A Primitive Ginger Man, Candy Cane, Santa Hat, and Snow Angel.
I'm 80% finished with Christmas shopping and feeling less panicky. What does one get for a hubby who has everything????? What he doesn't have, he goes and gets himself. SIGH.....yes, I know, it's not about the presents and he doesn't care. Still it's nice to fill his stocking and have something for him to open as he's always been so generous in doing so for me. Of course, buy me a bottle of paint and a paintbrush and I'll be satisfied! Seriously though, it's about the family being around and I'm fortunate enough to have them all coming. I LOVE it when my nest is full!
I'm finishing up 2 more orders today and will be going on 'vacation mode' in my Etsy shop on Monday after our OFG Celebration ends. If you haven't stopped by yet to see all of the wonderful creations, make sure you click on the top image on my right side bar to go and browse. The girls really 'out did' themselves! So very fortunate to have found such a WONDERFUL team!
I'm still carrying my Coupon Code of  SANTA15 for 15% off everything in my shop if anyone is interested. You can click on my Etsy mini (right side bar) to see some of my available items. Most everything is able to be shipped right away. 
Slowing down feels good! Of course I'm not completely quitting but I think I'll dabble with some of my oils for the next month. ALWAYS fun to work with what I originated with!
Blessing to each of you as your progress through this Holiday Season! Remember the Reason!

December 10, 2012

Christmas Giveaway WINNERS!

Good Monday Morning, Dear Blogging Friends!
We're another week closer to Christmas!

 Are you starting to panic?! Well, don't worry.......I'll do that for you!!! EEEEEEEKKKK!!

I've got some winners to announce for my Christmas Giveaway AND my 400th Follower Giveaway and so..............HERE THEY ARE!

2 winners were chosen for the Christmas Giveaway.
#80 CAROL STUCK of Buttermilk Creek Farm wants the Snowman
#50 SHANNON of Sew Sweet Annies wants the Elf Shoes

For my 400th Follower Giveaway, the winner is...............
She gets this guy!
Email me at with your addresses so I can get these items off to you this week!
Thank you ONE and ALL for participating in my Giveaway. This is my last for the year and I appreciate SO MUCH the love and friendship you've shown me! I hope to 'see' more of you next year and wish for you, at this time, a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS all around!!
God bless us, EVERYONE!!

December 7, 2012

400th Follower Giveaway! (CLOSED)

This is in conjunction with my Christmas Giveaway already going on.
I decided to make something special for my 400th Follower Giveaway since so many of you like a particular character for the Wintry months!
I started with a piece of rough pine fencing. I LOVE working with this wood because of the texture you get when you don't have to sand it.
I drew up a design so it could fit specifically in the box I have to send it in.
I didn't make a paper pattern yet. If you want to copy this pattern, by all means go ahead. I don't sell my patterns and feel honored you think enough of mine to want to make one.
Got it cut out and sanded ONLY the sides....remember, I like the rough texture.
Once assembled, I based the whole piece in watered down black acrylic.
The top coat was bright white acrylic paint, DRY BRUSHED. 
Don't be perfect with this technique because you want to see the undercoat come through.
I added various details and....
He is simply designed and painted. 22" tall and 18" wide with his arm span. Little hand stitched mittens have been fitted on his arms. (He will come to you with his arms needing to be assembled as he can't fit into the box with them on. I'll provide the wire and you'll just have to put them on. Easy Peasy, I promise!)
Want to join in this Giveaway and get a chance to have him come and see you?
Go HERE and sign up for my Christmas Giveaway. If you've already signed up you are AUTOMATICALLY going to be counted for a chance to win him. Winner will be decided on Monday, Dec. 10th, so come back that morning for the announcement!
Thanks for the FOLLOWING, everyone! 
I truly appreciate your support!

December 3, 2012

WIP and a Reminder!

I've been working on some personal projects for myself.
I ordered some more wonderful dolls from Mona Rae of MRORIGINALS. You gotta stop by her Etsy shop HERE and see her beautiful crafts! Anyway, I'm hooked and ordered this pair.
Papa Kriss and his Beloved!
 They needed somewhere special to sit and so I had to make them a chair. 
I kept this relatively simple since that's how I do things in my little world!
I started off with some white pine.
Cut, sanded and glued first.
Brad nailer comes next. Actually, I used staples here.
Putting the back on.
Yes, I LOVE to sit on the ground and do a lot of my work. At 50 years old you'd think I'd do it a different way for the sake of my joints but NO. Old habits die hard with this ol' gal!
Now for some paint.
 Just a little Chocolate Brown acrylic mixed with some water. Yes, I made a nice batch so I could paint up some other pieces.
Let's see how the couple likes it.
I do believe these 2 will make our Christmas brighter....mine anyway!
Just a reminder that my GIVEAWAY is still going on! Click HERE or go to the post below to sign up! I've reached 400 Followers, THANKYOUVERYMUCH, so I'll be offering ONE more item. I'll show you in a day or two when I "git-r-dun"!
Don't forget about the OFG Team's Etsy Celebration! Click on the button at the top of my right side bar to view some WONDERFUL creations by our oh so very talented team!!
Until then....
Stay Tuned!