April 30, 2012


Clutter, hodgepodge, rummage, whatever antonym you can find to describe yours.....I'm just flat out SICK of mine! I've listed some on Etsy but it's not moving. I've TONS of miscellaneous sewing 'things' I need to get rid of as well as some wood surfaces; also some stamps that have been sitting around for quite awhile that have been used slightly or NEVER been used.
This stash has Zippers, Bias Tape, a little Chenille Monkey sewing kit, a Singer handheld ( I guess it still works?!), appliques, lace collars, sewn heart pillows........HELP ME!!! 
 More close ups.....
Got your interest? Hoping I do. If there is anyone out there who'd like my 'destash', YOU CAN HAVE IT!!! Because I know I'll get at least a few takers, I'm going to borrow a page from my friend Carol at Firecracker Kid and give it to someone within the first 5 comments who say they want it. I'll let you know as soon as I get the comments......the sooner the better as I'm on a cleaning streak! If anyone is interested in doing a swap with my Destash in my Etsy, let me know. I can always use a piece of material or a bottle of paint!
Gotta go and pick up my van this morning. Dropped the kids off at school on Friday and as I went to put it back into drive, the steering column cable broke. LOVELY! Thank goodness for AAA and cell phones and good friends who are nearby!
Hoping it's a good week for all of you! 
Don't forget my MOTHER'S DAY GIVEAWAY! Drawing is on May 9th!!
Stay tuned!

April 26, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

I've been trying to get this house back into some kind of order but so far it's not working. I'm going from room to room only to find myself lost in a pile of 'what not'! Gosh, I get side-tracked so easily now-a-days. Is it just me or do you, too?
 Here are some of the items I finished  for Teacher Appreciation gifts.
These pictures don't do them justice. They're bright and cheery and would look great on a Teacher's desk or hanging in the room.
Don't forget to sign up for my Mother's Day Giveaway.
 I've gotten my oils back out and am finding some 'therapy' time in this lovely weather.
I hope to share a few pictures with you soon. My Respite worker is coming tomorrow so I can get some groceries. My paint brushes will have to sit still for a day.
Enjoy your weekend!

April 23, 2012


It is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS this morning!! We had RAIN over the weekend and my grass just lapped it up like a thirsty dog!  It's presently 61 degrees here and the wind is blowing like crazy giving us white caps on the water. I LOVE it when it's like this 'cause it makes me think of the ocean!
I've stayed true to my promise of taking things easy! I'm proud of myself if one can be so! I'm in the process of making 'Teacher Appreciation' gifts. If you have an Etsy shop and don't have anything for a teacher, you may want to think about adding a little something 'apple related'. I've got 2 orders I'm getting ready this morning for TA and my shop Stats are showing hits on the few items I've got posted. I used to have alot more but I let them run out. I had some time on Saturday to cut more of these items out and now I'm painting up just a few items to restock and also to give to my kid's teachers.
These will have bright green and red polka dot bows where the stem ends. I'm including a tag for one of my orders with the teacher's name on them. 

These are various apple shapes cut out for name blocks, apple garlands, and desk top decor. You know, just ONE more thing to have to dust!!
Yep, that's some melon slices, too!

I did get my Bird House Garland finished and listed on Etsy. You can check out my shop HERE if you'd like to stop by and favorite it. I had a few good hours in this one and I LOVE how it turned out!
Only one Mother's Day gift to add. 

This Mama will have a calico apron added to her front for her little calves to hang out in. She'll be doweled and glued onto that wooden heart which will have 'COWNT your Blessings' painted on it. 
Speaking of Mother's Day, don't forget my current Giveaway, HERE. I've decided to move up the date so the winner can receive the gift before/by Mother's Day. My drawing will now be on Wednesday, MAY 9th so make note of that.
Hope life is treating you well! 
Stay Tuned!

April 18, 2012

Mother's Day Giveaway! (CLOSED)

I LOVE a great day and I got to have one of those yesterday thanks to my sweet Angel of Mercy better known as Suzanne my Respite Gal! Because of her, I got out all day yesterday. Yes, she is paid for her work but she's one of 'those' that would do it for nothing, too! 
I spent most of my time in JoAnn's yesterday finding material for my new dollies. They are crying out for clothing  and I'm tickled with the combinations I've come up with.
See the sweet watermelon fabric and buttons? That will be a dress with the hot pink polka dot being the bloomers. She'll also have a pink gingham apron. Her name is Melanie and she likes watermelon! She'll also hold a wooden watermelon in her hand! I have 2 other dolls; one will be Americana with the red star fabric being the dress and the navy blue polka dots being the bloomers. She'll hold a wooden firecracker in her hand. I'm naming her Carol after our own 'Firecracker Kid'!! My last one will be dressed in the yellow. She'll have turquoise polka dot bloomers.No name yet for her. The black is for the backing of a small quilt for Twirly Girl and also for some Bumbles that I'm sewing up with yellow gingham stripes.
This fabric is for our youngest daughter. She loves skirts . I SCORED this on the clearance rack. No, I didn't pay $5.99 a yard........it was reduced 50% as was the yellow fabric! Joann's has their 'Daffodil' Sale going on now. There wasn't ONE thing that I bought that wasn't on sale!
It's time for my MOTHER'S DAY GIVEAWAY!
I told you I was slowing down. The only thing I've been painting are some Teacher Appreciation gifts.
SO. I put together a little 'box of goodies'!
Hope you like them!
Bath salts, lotions, candles, Dove chocolates, Stationary, and see those earrings? $11.00 regular price tag but I scored them at 75% off! GO ME!!!
Want one of these boxes filled with all of this loveliness for Mother's Day?
1. Be a follower of my blog!
2. Leave me a comment telling me if you like the blue bird box or the pink flowers.
3. Spread the word like you would Peanut Butter for me by FB, Tweeting, or your Blog's sidebar.
You get 3 chances for this Giveaway. Make sure you tell me in ONE comment only, please.......'cause I can count. I'm GOOD like that!!!
This Giveaway is for the continental US and Canada.
It ends WEDNESDAY, May 9th!


April 16, 2012

Monday Merchant Circle Featuring Krug's Studio

Hello dear Blogging Friends!
It's Monday Merchant Circle with our PAFA Team Artisans!
Today I'm featuring Alan Krug of KRUG'S STUDIO!
Here's a little more information about him with some of my favorite pieces that he's painted!
Alan got his business name by combining his last name with his crafting interests that he made in his Studio.
He opened up his Etsy shop in Oct. 2011, right after I did!
Alan's been decorative painting for 7-8 years and oil painting for 5 years! See, I KNEW I liked this guy!!
Alan's work is influenced by the Pennsylvania Dutch Designs possibly because his father was German. He loves the bright colors of the Latino culture in his Southern California home and combines them with this interpretation of Folk Art. He does tone down the colors by aging them a bit. I think his work is beautiful!
Alan uses acrylics for his decorative painting and Oils for his Impressionistic Paintings like the one below.
He likes to paint on Wood surfaces and Bisque.
You can find more of Alan and his work at Krug Studios by following the links below:
LOVE your work, Alan! So glad to have you on our PAFA Team!

April 9, 2012

Monday Merchant Circle Featuring The Barn Hollow

Good morning Blogging Friends!
Another Monday and a GORGEOUS one at that! 
I hope your Easter Celebrations were memorable....in a GOOD way!
My children were all here on Saturday and I was in 'Heaven'! I was still a bit under the weather as was our Twirly Girl but I still put a great meal on the table and we had a fabulous time hiding and hunting eggs with the Twins! 
Front Row: Twirly Girl, Tate, and Anna Belle. Back Row: TJ, Sam, Vicky, Cristi, & Becky

Today I'd like to introduce you to a sweetheart and a VERY TALENTED PAFA Team member.....
Here's a little interview with Kim and some pics of her wonderful creations!
My name is Kim and my business name is The Barn Hollow. I love old barns, 
the treasures they hold and the history behind their doors. When I found the 
graphics I currently use for my blog and website name just seemed to fit perfectly.
 I have been creating for 30+ years. in the late 80's and early 90's, my business
 name was The Country Cottage. After taking a few years to step away, 
I restarted my business as The Barn Hollow in 2011.
 I am inspired by anything and everything. I seem to get most of my ideas for 
new designs after going"antiquing". There are so many different shapes, 
colors, textures and fabrics that you can't help but be inspired. 
I never leave the house without a sketch book. We make several trips to 
Tennessee to see our grandchildren and for some reason I come up with some 
of my best ideas while tooling down the interstate. I also design quilt blocks,
 and get so many of my ideas for those in nature. Last summer I put in my
 first garden in almost 20 years and designed a set of six blocks all based on
 my garden. 
My creative style is a combination of primitive, country and folk art. 
I love them all and try to create items that will appeal to all of my customers. 
I am however, creating more primitives lately, I just love the simplicity of 
their design.
I create the majority of my items using fabric.  All of my items are hand made 
by me. I am a perfectionist and take extreme pride in everything I make. We 
all work so hard to make a living and hope for that little extra to buy ourselves 
that something special. I strive to make sure that my customers' hard earned 
money is well placed when they purchase something from me and that they
are pleased with their "something special".  
You can find Kim at the following links:
My Etsy shop: www.etsy.com/shop/thebarnhollow
Website: www.thebarnhollow.com 
Blog: thebarnhollow.blogspot.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/The-Barn-Hollow/332819286761276?sk=wall 


April 5, 2012

Also Known As

My life is a work in progress, also known as WIP.
My Twirly Girl, also known as Audrey (my handicapped daughter), and I have been sick this week with a nasty throat infection. We're both on antibiotics and healing. Nothing like being sick and still having to take care of others. I honestly don't know how WOMEN, also known as Supermoms, do it......but we do!
My nest, also known as home, will be full this weekend with all 6 kids and my wonderful hubby! Sigh........also known as contentment!
I finished the last of my bunnies. I was tired of seeing their painted heads sitting around without bodies.
 Yes, it's too late for Easter sales but that's okay. There is always next year!
I promised myself a 'slow down', also know as resting. I'll be placing my Etsy shop on VACATION MODE for a summer fling with my hubby and kids. My inventory is now 194 items strong. I have 14 items on my table painted and ready for assembly not to mention the other 50 items that are already cut out and waiting for paint, also known as THERAPY. It doesn't cost my husband anything except the price of my wood; which compared to a 'Dr. Psyche' bill is not even worth bringing up, also known as highway robbery. So, I'll finish the 14 items and dress these 2 items that are disturbing me without clothing, also known as NAKED!
This is an original pattern from Sandy Schmidt at The Old Country Cupboard.
I have plans for these whimsical primitives also known as PRIMSY! They will be colorful and funny if I can help it, also known as it will happen! Watermelons, Bumbles, and Peanut Butter Sandwiches! 
I will have my next Giveaway in a few weeks.......just in time for Mother's Day.......so make sure you  keep an eye out for the post.....
.......also known as........

April 2, 2012

Monday Merchant Circle Featuring Ninna's Attic

Good morning friends!
It's Monday Merchant Circle from the PAFA Team today and I'd like to introduce you to 
Kathy of Ninna's Attic!
Kathy's grandchildren call her "Ninna" so she decided to name her shop Ninna's Attic.
Kathy has been in business since 2006. She and her husband attend festivals and shows where he sells his woodwork.
Kathy looks to her mother for most of her inspiration as she is her mentor. I'd say THAT is the perfect example of inspiration!
Kathy loves working with wool, felt, and various fabrics as her style is primitive, country, and folk art. 
She makes mostly bowl fillers and ornies for her Etsy shop while her husband carves Santas, Scarecrows, Uncle Sams, etc. I've always heard 'behind every good man is a good woman'. How much you wanna bet me she's that GOOD woman?!!
You can find Kathy HERE in her Etsy shop!
Thanks Kathy for adding your talent to our PAFA Team!