March 31, 2012

Grateful and Some Winnners!

I woke up this morning feeling so GRATEFUL. I slept really well after a very rough 2 weeks with our handicapped daughter. I get so stressed out over her health. The last few days have shown signs of improvement and she woke up happy this morning. My fingers are crossed that we'll have some good days ahead of us. Caring for someone is exhausting no matter how much you love them. WOW. I didn't mean to start this post off so solemn! As I was typing this I was also listening to Marc Broussard's song "LUCKY". In this song he repeats the word GRATEFUL and it just seemed so fitting to start my post out this way.
I am GRATEFUL for those of you who think enough of me to follow along on my 'artsy' ramblings!
My art is an outlet for me and I'm GRATEFUL for gifts bestowed upon me. I'm also GRATEFUL for the opportunities to share with you and the ability to do as many Giveaways as I do. I love to give to others; it brings a great satisfaction to me to make others happy. I should've been Santa Claus!

WINNERS of the 2 little Rabbit Planters are:
Valerie of Yorkies Primitives
Susan @ Glen Oaks Primitives

The WINNER of Mr. Big's cousin whom I've named Harley goes to:
Sandi @ The Primitive Skate

The name Harley or Harleigh is Old English and means "from the hare meadow". Wendy and Deb R. helped me out on this one and I just love it! Of course, Sandi you can name your Harley whatever you'd like. He is a design from the talented Susan Jill Hall.
Okay ladies, you know how to do this! Send me your addresses to and I'll get these all out on Monday so you can have them for Easter!
Again, I'm GRATEFUL for your following and the friends I've made through cyber space. You all make my day! I hope you find something to be GRATEFUL for today. Life itself should be reason enough!

March 27, 2012

He's Here!!

I spotted him this morning!
I was out chasing bunny rabbits, like I normally do this time of year, and he was out by the kid's swing set.
He saw me and went running into the bushes but I gave him a big carrot and he decided to be my friend.
Here he is!!!
He's not as big as his cousin, "Mr. Big" but he's big enough for the 'cuteness' to come through.
(He's 20" tall and 12" wide)
Only problem is, he hasn't got a name!
Oh, the shame of it!!
Now this is where you come in! 
If you've already signed up for my Giveaway HERE, then you already have up to 3 chances to win. If you want an EXTRA chance to win him as part of my 300 followers Giveaway, then you have to leave a name for him in a comment on this post. The only way to get a chance to win him is to enter my Giveaway so it won't count if you haven't done this. Sorry.
This will all end on Saturday, March 31st, as I will need to get this and the other bunnies to the winners for Easter! 
Oh, and the little guy will also come with his own Easter basket filled with some extra goodies.

A Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, M&Ms, Hershey Crunch, wooden eggs, a Prim bunny, and a packet of carrot seeds for some healthy eating, too!
No need to advertise this for already have done enough!!!
Thank you all for your following!
Now get this little feller named so he won't feel so lost and alone!

March 24, 2012

Just Another Saturday

I just posted about 6 new listings on my Etsy and I'm tired. My house is a mess and my hubby is coming home in 4 1/2 more hours.......but I'll have everything 'ship-shape' by then because.......
This is the, really, it is. I'm SERIOUS!! Stop calling me a liar! I KNOW I have issues!
This is one of my new listings today, I had to pull out the old Cricut to help with this one.
Me likey! You likey?
How about these little guys!
AND how about this?
Want to see more? Go HERE and check out my newest listings! If you have a minute, how about 'favoriting' them for me!
I'm having a TIME catching Mr. Big and his cousin.....sigh.......these old bones just don't move as fast as they used to (That's just an excuse to say that I haven't quite finished him but you already knew that didn't you?!). Anyway, I'll keep trying so you can get a look-see. My Spring Giveaway ends this next Saturday and I'll be using all of my followers to draw out a winner for Mr. Big's cousin, too!!
Stay tuned!

March 22, 2012

We Did It!!!!

Now Mr. Big's cousin can come out to play! Start thinking of names! 
I'll have the picture up this weekend!!!

March 21, 2012

Can You Help Me Out?

Someone is hiding in the bushes! Could it be? Do you think maybe?
Something tells me Mr.Big's cousin is in town!
I need 4 more followers for my 300th follower Giveaway.
If I can catch them both, they might let me take their picture by this weekend!
Remember, too, that I still have my Spring Giveaway up.
Go HERE to leave a comment. It ends on March 31st!
Stay Tuned!

March 19, 2012

Monday Merchant Circle From PAFA

Good morning Cyber Friends!
It's a Monday morning and that means another interview with one of our
This morning I'd like to introduce you to KIM from THE BARN HOLLOW!
Kim loves old barns which made coming up with her business name that much easier!
She's been in business for 30+ years starting off in the 80's as 'The Country Cottage''. She took a little break and came back in 2011 as 'The Barn Hollow'. We all need a break now and then!
 Kim is inspired by everything and anything! She loves to go 'antiquing' and claims her best ideas for designs come when she is 'tooling' down the interstate to go and visit the Grands!
Kim loves the simplicity of the primitive, country, and folk art style. She is a perfectionist which you can see in her work! She strives to please her customers and make her business fruitful by providing the best handmade product that she can.
You can find Kim from 'The Barn Hollow' at the following links:
Thanks for stopping by!

March 18, 2012

My Irish Giveaway WIN and a Reminder!!!

Look what I won on St. Patty's Day!!

This is Andy O'Toole from Darlene over at Three "D" Style.
I just met her this past month and found out she lives in FLORIDA and is familiar with some of my childhood stomping grounds! How small is this world anyway?!!!!
I needed a 'pick me up' yesterday as I was missing my man and I received it in my email with a notice from Darlene that Andy was coming to stay with me!!
Can't wait to meet him and introduce him to Queenie and the 'others'!
While you're here, don't forget to sign up for my current Giveaway. It ends March 31st......just in time for Easter! Go HERE and leave me a comment and make sure you're a follower. I only need 4 more people to reach my 300th follower and then MR. BIG's cousin can come out to play!!!!
Also, one more fantastic Giveaway to remind you about!
The OFG's 'Friends are Flowers in the Garden of Life' Treasury is still up for grabs. 16 wonderful, handmade items to be given to one person! All you have to do is leave a  comment HERE. If you favorite the treasury, you'll get an extra entry.
As always............
Stay tuned!

March 16, 2012

A Cute Giveaway from Samantha!

Go over to Southern Belle Scents and meet Samantha if you haven't already!
 She's giving away this adorable Easter Bunny! I LOVE his little feet!

She also makes the BEST tarts so browse her shop when you get a chance!!
Hurry as this one is quick! It ends March 23rd!

March 13, 2012

Spring Giveaway(s)!! (CLOSED)

Hello Everyone!
Look how pretty the sky is today! Still needing LOTS of rain but grateful for what does come!
My husband came home this week and my creating stopped! It was a "surprise" as I wasn't expecting him until the following week so we were all ecstatic to have him home! 
I've got my Spring Giveaway up and decided to keep this one small since I KNOW you'll all help me find 10 more people so I can reach my 300 followers, right?!!
I hope to have Mr. Big's cousin on hand to give away as soon as this one ends so be prepared to sign up yet again. I HAVE FAITH that it WILL happen!!
 I made these 2 little pieces and thought they'd be sweet enough for any of you.
A little Primsy bunny 'planted' in a wooden flower pot (one is painted brown and the other terra cotta) with a pack of carrot seeds and his stuffed carrot. Some little spring blossoms are glued in the pot with floral grass and a piece of floral foam. The little bunny and carrot have been glued to a small dowel and glued into the foam. A raffia bow and a small carrot hand made tag embellish the fronts. They're approx. 11" x 5" and they are OOAK, made for YOU!!
This means that BOTH will be given to a new home so, if you want one of them, I'm only asking for 2 things from you..........
1. Be a follower 
2. Share my Giveaway by placing on your Blog's sidebar, Tweeting, FB, newspaper add..........any THING will be greatly appreciated just tell me in one comment please!!
 Winner announced March 31st!!
This Giveaway is for US and Canadian citizens only, please. There's just something about that vast ocean....intimidating!!!!
I've also got another Giveaway to share with you. This one is from the OFG Team...and I have a little something I'm giving away on here, too.
 It's another one of our ETSY Team Treasuries!
All 16 wonderful gifts will be given to a super lucky 'duck' of a person! Don't you wanna be the duck......I mean person??! Sure you do, so type your little fingers on over HERE and sign up. Just sign up! That's it! We don't need to know your political preference or if you have an alarm system. Just your sweet comment is all that's expected!!
You know you're appreciated!
AND, I REALLY think you're gonna like Mr. Big's cousin........hmmmmmm, I'll have to name him.........well, maybe I'll have YOU do that for me!!!

March 12, 2012

Monday Merchant Circle Featuring Prims Gone Wild!

Good morning Everyone!
I've got a wonderful Artisan to tell you about this lovely Monday morning!
She is Karen Blevins from PRIMS GONE WILD!
Karen said she came up with her name when she was standing in the midst of all of her Prim creations and stated, "dang girl, you have gone wild with all of these Prims"!!! LOL!!
 Karen comes from a very creative and artistic family. Her father is first and foremost the best artist she has ever seen. Do you sense a bit of pride there?! She's only been on Etsy for a few years but has been selling her goods for a long time making her first sale at age 9. What a young entrepreneur!
 Karen's creative style is Folk Art and Primitives. Her inspirations come from everything and everywhere. She uses a variety of mixed media and isn't afraid of trying new techniques.
 I LOVE this Altered/Mixed Media this piece!!
Here are the links that you can use to find Karen and her work!
What a wonderful asset she is to our PAFA Team!

Please stay tuned for my Giveaway being posted tomorrow....for sure!!!

March 9, 2012

My Bunny Hop Swap Goods!

I just love a good Swap! Wendy, over at Ravenwood Whimzies, ALWAYS throws a great swap!
I was teamed up with Tammy from "One Frustrated Momma"
and these are the goodies that she sent me!
I just giggled like a kid opening his Christmas presents! I wish I'd taken the time to take photos before I ripped into it. She had them wrapped in different colors of tissue paper and they made me think of Easter eggs! She included a couple of plastic eggs with treats that the twins loved, too! 
Thank you, Tammy! I just love this funny little guy and his friend! They are perfect for my taste of 'Primsy'!!
Thank YOU, Wendy for a great Swap!
I'm finishing up the last of my Giveaway items. Taking pics today but it's not as sunny as it was yesterday so I might have to use some artificial lighting to help!
I hope to have it up tomorrow and if not tomorrow, then Monday so.........

March 8, 2012

Beautiful Blues and Yellows!

I LOVE yellow and blue together! 
We've got gorgeous clear blue skies and I wanted to share this 
treasury with you that I made this morning!

Still prepping for my Giveaway so STAY TUNED!

March 5, 2012

Monday Merchant Circle From PAFA

Good Monday morning Fellow Blogging Friends!
I've a wonderful Artisan from our talented PAFA Team to tell you about on this Monday Merchant day!
Meet Barb from Barb's Heartstrokes!
Barb came up with her name "Heartstrokes" because, at the time she was learning to paint, she was working as an Intensive Care Cardiac Nurse.
Her husband was in the Air Force and deployed overseas so she took an acrylic painting class at a local craft store and LOVED it! She has been painting for 15 years + and now declares it her 'Therapy'! Sounds vaguely familiar to me, too!
Barb has had her Esty shop for 2 years now and says she still likes to do a few shows a year.
She is inspired by like Artists in painting and stitcheries. Like me, she LOVES color and the whimsical! She also likes Primitive and Folk art styles, too.
Barb paints most of her creations on Black solar screen with acrylic paints. She also paints on wood, tin, and pretty much any surface she can get her hands on! YEP, I'm REALLY liking this Gal!!
She says, "If you have no paint on your clothes, they're not worth wearing"!! AGREED!!
SHe designs some of her own patterns. Her dad cuts her frames out of old barn wood and occasionally she can talk her hubby into cutting her wood pieces out! Would that be Apple Pie or Cherry, Barb, that you use for bribery??!!
 SEE?? Isn't this just lovely??!
Go see some more for yourself!!
You can find Barb here:

March 3, 2012

On My Table....... a mess conglomeration of new ideas and old. Our OFG Team is getting ready for another one of it's fantastic Etsy Treasury Giveaways! They are always so exciting and they offer SO many wonderful creations! The plaque will be my donation. It is a Garden Angel; a 'Keeper of the Garden' design by Renee Mullins.
I bought these Garden Stakes a LONG time ago and figured it's time to do something with them. They come in a set of 4; bee, lady bug, frog, and butterfly. 
I'm going to paint them with a 'wash' of color and then antique them with another wash of Raw Sienna. Should come out pretty nice!
Last, but certainly not least, I have these little Primsy Bunnies that I made. I washed them with a mixture of Buttermilk, Flesh, and Raw Sienna acrylic paints.
I'm going to 'plant' some in these wooden planters and a few of these watering cans. They were super fun and easy to make.The original pattern is from ThreadBare Primitives.
I can't seem to turn off my creativity! Yes, it's a bit of a problem as my INVENTORY is taking over my house!!You see, everythng in my shop is READY FOR PURCHASE so that means I literally LIVE with my Inventory!
So I'm offering a 15% discount on all orders in my Etsy Shop (excluding shipping). Just use coupon code March15 upon checkout if you're interested. If you are local and don't wish to go through Etsy, you can always just message me. It will save you on shipping, too!
Thanks again for stopping by! 
I'll have a new Giveaway next week so 

March 2, 2012

Just a Few More Days!

Just a few more days for our PAFA Celebration! I've got a sale going on in my ETSY SHOP right now! 15 % off if you use March15 coupon code at check out. (Locals can just email me if interested in purchasing an item).
Here are a some of the wonderful creations the PAFA Team members are offering!

Thanks for browsing with me!!

March 1, 2012

Time to Meet Somebunny!

I've been creating something I haven't done in a VERY. LONG. TIME. 
I gave you a glimpse the other day of the different fabrics I was using.
They're all done now.

Meet Lilly Mae and Benny Bunny!
They're all dressed up and ready for some Spring planting!
I made these out of cotton muslin and then washed them with some 'Fawn' colored acrylic paint. 
I also used Fabric Stiffener on their ears. The whiskers are upholstery thread; the nose is painted on and the eyes are 6mm black beads.
I used an old pair of jeans to make his dungarees. 
I love how they turned out!
I actually made an extra boy for a Swap that I'm participating. Now I need to decide whether
or not I want to sell them! 
Yep, not sure about that part which happens to be the reason I'm also not sure about making dolls! You see,
I have a problem with letting them go!! I'm okay with the wood that I paint but these little 'softees' just touch a special place in my heart!
Make sure you pop over to the PAFA Team blog HERE to see if your one of the 33 winners! WHAT A GIVEAWAY that turned out to be!!!
Speaking of Giveaways, I'm working on a new one so, as always,
Stay Tuned!!!