October 29, 2011

HERE it IS!!

This is the 2nd Treasury!

Click HERE to go and sign up for this one, TOO!!!!
Of course, this one is a MUST 'cause I'M IN IT!!!!
Look for my little Elf!
Stay Tuned!!


Don't Miss This!!!

This is the FIRST treasury that the OFG (Old Farmhouse Gathering) Team is 
for the "Trim The Tree" with OFG promo!
Yep, you heard me; IT'S FREE!! 
Just go to www.etsy.com and sign up if you haven't already got an account so you can enter. 
There will be ANOTHER Treasury, too, (I'm in the 2nd one and will add a link when it's ready!). From the 2 Treasuries, 4 winners will be chosen!!
Just click HERE and read the rules! 
Good Luck!

October 28, 2011

Something WONDERFUL is Coming!

I'll post the link to this tomorrow when the Treasury gets made. You TRULY do not want to miss out on this one!
Use this link to find out more information!

Stay tuned!

October 25, 2011

A Wonderful Day!

Oh I DID take my camera! I was just having SOOOOO much fun and looking at SOOOOO many pretty things that I forgot the dang thing was hanging around my neck!!
McIntosh 1890's Festival was great but seriously lacking many of the 'usual' vendors. You can always tell when the economy is down by attending these large events and seeing many empty spaces that are not a 'norm'. 
I was able to meet Sandy and her daughter Samantha from The Olde Country Cupboard. Go HERE and you can see her blog post and view some of her wonderful pictures. There is even one of me and my friend. I 'm the large BEAST in the middle.......at almost 6 feet you can't miss me!!!
Here are a few pics that I took!
It was in the 40's when we got there and COLD to these Florida bones!
Spaces are empty from lack of vendors :(
I bought these from The Olde Country Cupboard! LOVE my Santas and Raggedy Candy Cane Annie!
Some great buys on spindles and spools for some future make-dos!
A pattern from Sandy's booth!
Some AMAZING smelling Tarts from Sandy's daughter, Samantha!
I live on a lake so this was a MUST HAVE!!

I told you my photos weren't the best so make sure you go to Sandy's blog HERE to view some of hers.
Stay tuned!

October 21, 2011

What a Week!

It has been one of those! You know what I'm talking about 'cause you've had them yourself! Not that Friday makes much difference for me but it does bring my husband home to help with the kids!
I've taken a few days off to get things done here at the house. I managed to smash the right tip of my thumb in a window. Don't ask...only I can do these kinds of things! Really though, what would we do with out that awkward appendage!! It adds just the right balance to our hands...which obviously our 'Creator' knew it would!
I've got a few Halloween things left on my table that I just could not leave undone! 
This is a cousin of Boo and Eek. I've named her Hagatha, "Hag" for short!
The twins were able to make some Fall Pumpkins for their teachers. They always enjoy our painting sessions together!

I've also been working on this guy again. He sold early in September and I really enjoyed making him. 
I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and perused their aisles of Christmas Ornaments. 
I came out of the store with $50 worth of crafting materials (and believe me, that was MINIMAL compared to most times!) and some great ideas that I can't wait to do!
Also wanted to pique your interest in the Old Farmhouse Gathering's (OFG Team) newest GIVEAWAY opportunity. We're all prepping some great 'Trim the Tree' pieces and will show you in another week! 

 I'm off to the "McIntosh 1890's Festival" tomorrow! ALWAYS LOVE going with a friend to this one! I'll be looking for a doll, of course! Can't live without them! Crossing my fingers that I don't forget my camera either!
Hope life is treating all of you well!
I'll have another Giveaway in a couple more weeks so.....

October 14, 2011

A New Agenda

I was sitting at my work desk yesterday. painting more black and orange, when I suddenly stopped and asked myself "WHY"??!!!! It is the middle of October and time to move on!! So, happily, I'm packing up all of the unfinished Halloween projects and will save them until next year. I have the color brown out for only a few Thanksgiving pieces while my red and green patiently wait their turn.
A friend came over a few weeks ago to paint a new design with me. 
Primitive Nativity 
I can't take full credit for this as it was originally a tree ornament made by another artist (whom I can't remember since the pattern is ancient, sorry). I enlarged it so it could stand and be seen! I painted it very primitively, holding myself back from painting rosy cheeks, and really like the way it turned out.
Our OFG Team (Old Farmhouse Gathering) is getting ready to launch another great GIVEAWAY promotion! It is very similar to the 'Turkey Trot' that we had so if you want to participate, make sure you sign up for an Etsy account on www.etsy.com. Super easy peasy to do! I'll have more information in the next week or so when we begin our advertising.
Hope your days are happy!
Stay tuned!

October 10, 2011

A Halloween Giveaway WINNER!

We've had a very soggy 3 days here in our 'Sunshine State'. It is quite welcome when one lives on a lake. Our water levels have been so low and the rain is such a welcomed sight. I wish for anything we could share it with Texas as they are so very desperate.

HUGE THANK YOU for all of you who signed up for my Halloween Giveaway! I DID reach 200 + some! I feel very fortunate that you think my blog worthy enough to visit....truly, I am humbled.
Random.org chose me some Giveaway winners for Boo and Eek and they are:

who will get BOO
JENNIFER ALLEN of The Paul Allen Family Blog
who will get EEK!
Deb couldn't make up her mind but Jennifer had no problems doing so!

Because I also have a 200th Follower prize to Giveaway, Random.org has also chosen:
JENNIFER GAIL of Hoodies and Flip Flops

These last 2 ladies can go and look in my Etsy shop HERE and choose whatever item they'd like to have! ANYTHING!! Just let me know when you email me...
which all of you need to do at VicWeave@aol.com!
AGAIN, I appreciate each and every one of you! Thank you so much to my followers both 'old' and 'new'!
I'll be wrapping up the holiday in the next month with 2 more Giveaways and a special tribute to a 'baking' friend who has continued to support and inspire me all through my first year!

Blessings to you all!

October 8, 2011

Just A Quick Reminder!

is the place you need to go to sign up for my current Giveaway. It ends on Monday morning  with the winner being announced then so you still have time. Sometimes the last person is the prize winner.....go figure!!

These are smaller versions of my EEK on the Giveaway. I've got one listed on Etsy to see how it will do. 
If you want to check it out, click on my Etsy mini on the right side bar.

Also, the Old Farmhouse Gathering still has another day left on our "WARM WINTER WISHES" celebration. If you're looking for some 'snowy' friends, you might want to check out WWHOFG in the Etsy search bar or just click on the picture at the top of my right sidebar.
Thanks for stopping by!
And good luck with the Giveaway win!!

October 5, 2011

New and Old Friends!

 I have a new friend amongst my old friends. There was no transition period for her; it just happened. Of course, it helps to have a wonderful hostess!
We've had GORGEOUS weather here in my neck of the woods so it's no wonder that Queenie and Henny took there new found friend out to enjoy it. (The 'others' stayed inside to clean up a bit! Yeh, I know...I'm out on a limb here...don't call the men with the white jackets just yet.....)
See, she's just such a wonderful hostess, always making others feel right at home!
I won this Giveaway from Holly Ridge Creations last week. Judy was super generous and gave me some little flower bowl fillers, an adorable snowman ornament painted on a gourd and a naked gourd that instantly made me see 'SANTA'!! Thank you, once again, Judy! Ella is very happy here! She said she'd wait until the summer to wear her string bikini and ride the jet ski!!
Please don't forget about my current Giveaway. I'll be giving away 2 other gifts because I made it to 200 followers!! 
Sure do appreciate all of your support!
Stay tuned!!


October 2, 2011


is a good number!
Thanks for helping me get there!

Because of this, I'll be giving something Xtra special and 'Halloweeny' with my current Giveaway so you REALLY want to sign up if you haven't already. Go to the post below or just click HERE.


don't forget about the Old Farmhouse Gathering's WINTER CELEBRATION going on. Just click on the picture at the top of my right side bar. The slide show is just a small sample of the 'goodies' in some of the artisans shops. With this cooler weather, I LOVE seeing these winter creations!

Stay Tuned!