February 26, 2011

A Little Late but a GIVEAWAY, nonetheless!! (CLOSED)

Have you ever had one of those weeks. You know, one of THOSE weeks...well, I've had two of them!!
Usually when I'm stressed, my outlet is my crafts, however, this time, it just drained me..which is why I'm late getting this Giveaway up and running. But you know what...it's still February and the old adage is true; "Better late than never"!!
I've been painting lots of florals lately in anticipation of Spring and some classes I'm teaching. The warm weather has settled here in Florida. We'll have another cold spell or two but I'm pretty sure we're in for one HOT summer!
These are ALL ooak (one of a kind).
A Heart Mache box that measures 7" in length across the top and 7.25 in width. It has a 3" depth.

A 'beauty' tray for your bathroom! 12" l x 9.75"w and a 1.5" depth. And no, you cannot have my perfume, too!

One of the 1x4x12" plaques that I made as an example for the class.

I still have some of these floral iron works that I got years ago so I'm putting them to use with these signs! I love my pansies!  Total measurements are approx. 10.5" h x 10" w.

Another 1x4x12 plaque with an Iron Works hanger!
(The lettering on all of these is black vinyl).
I meant to add these sooner! 1.5 x 1.5 blocks decoupaged with white vinyl lettering.
Just in time for St. Patty's day!

LOVE these little mini blocks cut from 1.5x1.5 pine lumber! The lettering is white vinyl  and the dot on the 'i' is a button!

So, you know the rules. Just a comment is all it takes but you need to be a follower, too. If you are, tell me and I'll count you twice. If you feel like telling everyone about this, then let me know whether on your blog or FB and I'll count you 3 times!!
My 100th follower Giveaway will be on the heels of this one and I'll keep this one alive until next Wednesday, March 2.
(Open to the US only  'cause I'd have to take out a loan for shipping overseas!!!)
Thanks for participating...and have a great weekend!!!

February 18, 2011

The End...or Is It Just the Beginning?!

Actually, it's both! The end of our first round of classes and the beginning of more to come!
These are some of the special ladies I've been painting with and their beautiful masterpieces!
We're going to continue our classes once a month at my house.
No sense in letting these newly learned skills go to waste!
Pansies will be next 'cause everyone needs to learn to wiggle, right?
Great job, Amy!
Because I've been busy with these gals, I'm not quite ready for my next Giveaway. I've got an art show to juror tomorrow morning and then maybe I can come home and finish the few pieces I have to offer you. I'm excited to show you "Mr. Big"! You're gonna love him!
Stay tuned......

February 12, 2011

In the Works...

It's cold here...like, 40 degrees cold right now! Brrrrrrrr, how that hurts my Florida bones! Yeh, I know I have nothing to complain about but you have to remember that I've got them Floridian Bones! We natives can't take much of that cold stuff!
Not to mention the fact that I can't cut stuff out. That 'Big' thing that I talked about in my last post will have to wait for a warmer day. Plus, if you remember, I was speaking "Blarney".
I've been teaching a painting class to some great ladies. They are so fun and funny to be around that it's such a pleasure to go even if it means my work is doubled here at home.
These are 'in the works'; not quite finished but progressing.
Some of them are going to have 'Welcome' on them (cut form vinyl). I got tickled at the ladies as they were frustrated with some of their work and asked me to 'fix' them...and I always do because I like them to be happy with what they came for.
I also wanted to share with you something I got in the mail a few weeks ago. Many of you know Brenda from the Rusty Thimble and are familiar with her work. AMAZING sewing skills! I wanted to let Brenda know that my Snow Lady is getting settled quite nicely in her new Florida home.
She loves sitting out on the patio looking at the lake just as we do! Plus, it's still COLD! Now in the summer time, she'll be singing a different tune just as we will be. I wouldn't be surprised to find her sneaking a popsicle or two to keep her 'cool'!! Go look at Brenda's blog and view some of her work!

I'm having another 'Giveaway' this next week. We're already into the second week of February and the month will be gone before you know it. Just a small one though as I'm sure my 100th Follower Giveaway will quickly be on it's heels.
Hope you stay tuned!!

February 5, 2011

The Art of Blarney

Well, this is a blog about art, right? Art comes in many different forms, right?
So why shouldn't Blarney be considered an art form? Do you even know what Blarney is? Well, I can tell you one thing...it ain't Baloney!!!!
The family line on my Dad's side, originated from Ireland. From there they went into Scotland and found their way to the East Coast of America. Some dispersed to the Ohio Valley and others into the Tennessee Valley. My Dad was born in Florida. During all of this travelling time, the art of Blarney seemed to stay with them all. These people could sing a lyrical tale about anything half-truthed!
(For more information on Blarney and the likes!)
How appropriate is it that I hang this in my house? For the sake of family, ya know. Not that I'm proficient in Blarney by any means (major use of sarcasm here!)
It's been a busy week. Busy is good but can sometimes be stressful. The fact that I'm thinking March instead of February now is making the calendar move that much faster.
I am planning something big for my next post. No, I mean big...ya know, BIG!!!! As in about 4 feet tall, big. I'm approaching a following of 100 and that, in itself, is BIG so it deserves something BIG.
I'll give you a peek next week.
You've all been so wonderful to advertise for me. I appreciate those of you who share my photos and my name in a good way. Bless you for being so supportive.
Vicky :0)