April 27, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Giveaway! (CLOSED)

Can you remember all of the teachers that made a difference in your life? I can! I've had the opportunity to get to know many teachers who have not only touched my life, but that of my children as well! And with two more starting school this fall, my opportunities have increased!!
I've added to my inventory certain items for "Teacher Appreciation" week and I'd like to share something with you!

Teachers can never have enough apples...

...but they can't live by apples alone. They need to tickle their 'funny bones', too!

My favorite little 'Apple Notes'!

Whether you're a certified teacher, an assistant, studying to be a future teacher, had/have a teacher, know a teacher, loved a teacher, or admired a teacher, then
leave me a comment so you can win an ' Apple Notes'!!

This Giveaway is open until 7:00 p.m., Friday evening, at which time I will choose a winner!

Thanks for stopping by...and if you can read this post in it's entirety, go thank a teacher!!!

April 15, 2010

Brazil Series

I have a cyber friend that went to Brazil last year for her honeymoon. She gave me permission to pic a few favorites from her flicker photo album. This is the first of 3 that I'm doing...all seascapes. This is Morro do Pico taken from Conceicao Beach. Unfortunately, this shot doesn't show the greenish-gray shadows on the beach very well nor the red shadow from the sun.

                                                  I still have to glaze the picture because the sun is too white and needs it's golden cast. Sure makes me wish I could see it in person!
   (Painted with oils on a 14x22 canvas)

April 12, 2010


Just a small one! Due to the fact that we can't seem to stay healthy right now, my spring inventory is not one to brag on.
I did, however, think this was cute enough to post and to see if someone would like to have one. It is roughly painted and sanded, something we call 'primitive', and would be so cute hanging across your fireplace mantle, a window, or your garden shed.

So, leave me a comment with your name, (and an email address if you are not a follower, do not have a google account, or I might not know you), and I'll randomly select a winner by Wednesday after 7:00 p.m. EST.

(This Giveaway is limited to the U.S. only, please)


April 6, 2010

Happy Be-lated Easter!

I was supposed to have her posted by Saturday but our Easter 'busy-ness' got in the way. This is Miss Esther Bunny. I've been trying to get her painted for a few years now and finally took the time since I had the extra pine boards. She's from the pattern collection of Mary Helen Gould. I painted her with different colors but am very happy with how she turned out. I wouldn't mind painting her again.
This is her front...
(she's missing her basket because I've been sick and unable to get to the store!)

...and yes, I painted her back!

Not something I do all of the time but Mary Helen does most of her work that way and she was just too cute a bunny not to.
Hope your Easter was a good one.
I'll have my Spring 'Giveaway' in one more week. Come back and visit and maybe I'll have that oil painting finished, too!